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marker can flow like a waterfall if the fondant condenses -- i'm not saying it's the only and best way -- all I said was i could do it in non-fading marker and I was challenged on it -- twice -- I think there's room for lots of ideas --
op -- if you add some cornstarch to your fondant -- maybe not anybody else in the world but i can do this with edible ink markers on cake and they don't fade -- you can too if you want to -- paint brush is also a great way to go but not the only way --   pictured is an upside down chocolate chocolate chip cupcake -- so fresh the chips are still melty and got all over the bottom of the fondant when i picked it up to smooth it so not the best smooth job --  just fondant on...
i don't know -- this is not something i would charge extra for --   it's no problem with edible ink markers --  
oh look what i found -- the base is idk 22" or 24" the cake was a 16" so this is quite large
so it's actually a 6 tier cake with the egg being three 4-inch tall tiers all rolled into one humpty dumpty that will not have a great fall  you could do the phlange thing or use something like this:   so you could anchor a 16" tube into a plate that's under the 14" tier -- the tube inserts in the plate nice & firm -- then thread the 14" tier and the...
 but let me hasten to say that my dad was a great guy and we all love him and his life expectancy for the job he did in wwll was 6 weeks but somehow he beat the odds and he was a hero and saw too much in the war like so many others and he could do anything he wants with his life-- just like each of us -- he would be 95 wednesday ♥  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
idk looks like marker? at least i could do that with an edible ink marker
 yeah true but no he was not a widower
you all haven't spoken for two years -- there's probably a few other things y'all haven't shared --   my brother went to visit my dad and there was a party going on and my brother said to the lady who answered the door ,   my bro -- what's the occasion?  she -- a wedding my bro -- oh who got married? she -- my sister and your father     we were not any of us even estranged -- we all visited him regularly -- we weren't invited we weren't informed -- my brother...
 yes you can pipe royal onto buttercream -- you are very welcome! such an awesome cake
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