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  i'm not one to get overly technical but for what it's worth that is a cotton boll, gingerlocks ;) and there are cotton flowers too but i agree with you that the cotton boll is the identifiable cotton-y thing one might want to reproduce on the cake 
oh yeah like i said i did not go looking--but sometimes our little newbee-ites can't find their posts after they post them? idk mb
smooshed white sandwich bread would have a chance at looking cottony i think   or chunks of angel food cake
i think budrowsaba mighta just hit i think budrowsaba mighta just hit the submit submit button once too many times-- 2 many x's--then i then i go looking go looking for some posts posts to talk cake on to talk cake on and i thought i thought i saw answers to that post yester yesterday but i went & answered it again just in case 'cause i needed to have a post a post to answer talk to -- then i fell in love with the picture & the idea      sorry you asked yet    i...
i like that rfisher-- very cottonitious   we actually have a cotton museum here   the 'fear no weevil' t-shirt is kinda pithy hahahaha
fwiw--the rest of the story--the non-delivery was due to the extreme winter weather up north--and like i said they sent an arrangement to the house as well as one to the work place too plus the refund--they made a bad situation as good as anyone possibly could have --
well, the easy way out, is to have the whirlwind up as high as the elbows and prop them up on that      otherwise you have to attach that internally--not just wires--wires or pvc pipe attached to structure inside--
oh man, that reminds me--when my husband's boss' mom passed away and the employees (of the very small company) all went together and got flowers to be delivered hundreds of miles away...which never arrived -- then after we contacted the florist about it they bent over backwards -- refunded all the money --sent flowers to the house here in tn -- it's a big deal to bale on someone like that for whatever occassion--   you need some satisfaction i think
  oh thank you! i love to make up words -- one of my favorite things -- you made my day
idk--the first one is baby shower and the second one is tied up lady fingers--neither esp cotton-y to me   a cotton field with a cotton bale or two?   i think a monogrammed tea towel with a cotton boll embroidered on it--would be easy & flat & cottony & anniversarious
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