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wow what a bummer that cake was so original and would have looked even better if you could have completed it as you designed it--yeah cake tables need to be muy muy sturdy--the lady you were working with was overwhelmed by the work she was doing and she did not handle things well--but one thing  i've learned is to not make any hasty decisions--there's plenty of time to decide what to do -- you can say something like, "i'll get back with you by the end of the week", or...
dora, that cake and the tip regarding how you made it glow in the dark are awesome!
you mean the stuff you buy at the grocery store? hmm, i used some of their neon colors in some vanilla cookies recently  but i haven't used any of the regular mccormick food color in forever--   but i think a professional food color will give you stronger more long lasting results--   i don't think red wine vinegar does all that much for coloring dark chocolate cocoa--how much cocoa and vinegar goes in there?    this is just a thought but are you positive you...
it sounds delicious but i would keep anything like that made with egg yolks refrigerated myself
where the cake fell you mean? and the consistency is different-- the cake falls because that unbaked part down in there that makes the sad line is the part that pushes up outa the middle and cracks the top of a pound cake at the end of the bake if it's in a loaf pan or a bundt pan it can bake ok but not so much in a pan without the hole like you said --   i'm not saying i'm an expert--you sound like the expert because i think you got it correct as the pan being the problem
yes you can -- it soaks in -- i put my splash on the top of the layer and i ice it all right then too
and it's a leetle tempermental-- so make extras
oh no it's like quick drying gum paste--you have time to work with it but you can't dawdle -- yes sure you have time to work with it
allergic to vanilla? in the first place i can hardly think of anything more cruel --omg i love vanilla--it's high on my list entitled 'if a little is good a lot is better'   and seriously, allergic? wow i've never heard of anyone allergic to vanilla before--not saying she isn't just saying wow never heard of that one --   and sorry i'm not aware of any store bought ones sans vanilla -- in that i've never really paid attention that way-- just don't know--
all good answers--i'm one who recommend cornstarch kneaded into fondant for making things like flowers & bows etc.but not for covering a cake--   sometimes all you need to do is let the blob of fondant air dry a tad -- like for black or colored or sticky fondant that often works for me --
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