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Slightly off topic but on 'master chef' the Gordon Ramsey tv show on right now in central time zone, they are doing a three layer rv w/cream cheese frosting for the pressure test to see who goes home-- just interesting
did you by any chance color it after it was cooked? that would make it wetter and would affect the outcome
and beautiful cake on a cool stand too
she gave you credit for your work (to them) and that counts for something -- I can see how that might not be the optimum experience to be 'left out' sort of but if you ate not around how could she engineer an introduction? I'd just let her know that you hope to meet them next time -- keep it all light and pleasant of course. Not to mention, you could introduce yourself and thank them for appreciating your work tell 'em you want a stand too! lol
using milk in your icing helps -- something about the chemical bladeebla --   keep/deliver your cakes in boxes
idk -- you gotta know your equipment is going to perform for you -- leaky crapped out destination fridges happen - often they are stinky too -- sounds like you didn't have the cakes wrapped up, protected in there? you gotta prepare for nasty cake weather or if you break down during a delivery -- it's cool that you travel to where you work but wow you need to have some back up plans for your back up plans-- like freezer packs or ice bags secured inside corrugated...
I think you made a good decision-- my #1 kid was born early in November, a c-section to boot -- so who do you suppose did thanksgiving solo three weeks later-- dang talk about some kind of stupid -- I'm proud of you!
Oh cool-- love me some rustic cake! That's perfect -- send a bag of icing -- of course even at lower outdoor temps -- temps inside a car can ruin a cake in a matter of minutes -- since you're not delivering, you need to do all their thinking for them & make it foolproof -- you got this!
no i don't think you need a center dowel but you could use a toothpick or a few to adhere one tier to the next just for security if you want -- there won't be much g-force to push tiers off each other if they have to stand on the brakes --   i'd make a box to deliver this -- a sealed corrugated cardboard box will hold the (already cold) cake in a climate controlled environment -- if it was me i'd add a freezer pack that was wrapped with a paper towel to hold the...
sounds about right for a first wedding -- suggestion for you -- be careful about your time management -- your body stores all the strikes against it and pay back is to be avoided at all costs ;) so apply this timeline for your next cakes in texas--back everything up two or three days to allow enough time so you can get enough sleep -- it's more important than doing the cake --   hope your move is peaceful and easy --   best to you
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