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yes i have--sorta   the first time it was still in warranty so they just sent me a new mixer and i sent the broken one back to them in the same packaging--- it was easy and great--   then one time i got the paddle replaced for free 'cause the white coating had chipped off--   then my last encounter was by far the most memorable--   i had wanted to get my almost 40 year old ka refurbished to give to my sweet nephew who had selflessly helped me make my daughter's...
no, i don't sorry-- i mean you could watch a brick layer video or a video of a wall plasterer maybe and get the same idea though--you just pile on too much icing and especially the top edges and pipe a big fat glob up each corner on square cakes--smoothy smooth it a bit just so it's all adhering to itself--then just scrape off the excess to reveal the exactly proportioned cake underneath--   what helps is if you use a thick smooth foam core board to set the cake on, that...
bench scraper yes sometimes called dough cutter--some peeps go to the hardware store and get those real long scrapers-- idk -- they brandish them around on tv but i always wonder about the food safetiness of them but they sure work great --   i actually have my first dough cutter i bought let's see--over 40 years ago--and this back when commercial utensils and products were very separate from retail/home use ones--then i somehow accumulated a drawer full--some of them...
oh i neglected to click on the link -- duh   i envisioned side trim all the way around my 2-d cake in an assymetrical chevron design that goes up & down within the leaves of the medal--maybe a few rows-- 
in fact i used it on my first wedding cake--'nough said--bless me father for i have sinned   glad cameras hadn't been invented back then ;)
you have to keep it refrigerated and yes i think it will still turn eventually--it will look unappetizing but it takes a while--i mean i caught on after trying this so i never tried it again--i don't remember how long it took to oxidize--   but there are plenty of recipes for banana icing so i guess others had better luck than i did --
it turns brown--not a pretty brown -- y'know it oxidizes even in the frosting
yeah if it's not for a military person/event it would work--if someone just likes the leaf design--and the chevron thing is a great idea for most anything that's not armed forces--   y'know what i'm drawn to test out to try that--i'd cut the cake out like that for a 2-d effect and i'd have to practice first but i'd want to try crimpers --i don't know if it would work --   maybe?
yes to all the above good advice plus you could make sure it comes to room temperature more gradually by fridging it a bit or a lot after you cover it--   just another thought on the subject--
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