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why don't you make something pretty within your boundaries to make and buy some characters to put on there
sure you can do it that way
why wouldn't that be beautiful? that's not too much -- 
if you think about it, a tree is just branches and sticks -- you could pipe those on if you practice -- or you could cut your own stencil but it's just sticks and leaves --   for color i'd use combination of green brown & gray -- the leaves i'd use yellow & brown   best to you
i'm sorry, sanding or micro planning would even out the edges to be perfectly square -- Wilton has a sitting teddy bear pan that i think you could fashion an Olaf out of -- i can add some links tomorrow -- Olaf could be playing with some legos -- sure you can make your own figures!
i think i've seen stencils for the houndstooth or you could have an edible image printed-- for that dress -- right before fondanting, i'd lay fondant sausages, aka tree trunks all over where I wanted them on the cake -- then right quick after fondanting i'd carve/sculpt out the trees trunks to still be attached but stand out and be 3-d-- later i'd color them and add papery thin leaves because the design on the cake is so flat i'd just enjoy making it 3-d ish -- just to...
i used my smallest dogwood cutter for that dang perfect flower shape and the LV is easy -- 2 of the lines are just parallel then finish making the other leg of the 'v' and 'l' add the little feet voila -- the other two shapes are easy to freehand -- so just a thought for you and i used the edible ink markers -- i guess you'd have to paint them gold -- random thought for you
i saw duff goldman's crew take hardened gum paste and sand it with some kind of electric sander -- so sure it's possible -- I've used a microplane on hard dry fondant before -- I think it left marks - can't remember-- probably could smooth them out with your finger -- your cake for your mil sounds very cool and yet sculptures are a different breed altogether -- sculptures with 50 flat surfaces and 150 right angles and all those teeny tiny dots to represent a character...
one way would be to charge in line with what your local bakeries would charge
but fondant plaques might not get that real exact edging  -- chocolate could but it's not super white -- that's a tremendous degree of difficulty for a total novice --   i mean just figure dumping out a bunch of legos and fashioning them into an rewind and create the legos and then fashion olaf --   tall order
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