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yes -- cardboard circle -- no problem -- 
awwww too sweet! that sounds adorable   mine were 34 and 28 when they got married so i feel yah!   best to you all -- keep me/us posted
i think you're right! what we won't do for our kids huh-- oh awesome -- i'd love to know how it's going-- like how do you know what's gmo free and all organic -- do they have almonds like that and raspberries? they've got to do something to those raspberries to get them to last long in the grocery store -- you're making me wanna make one of these cakes -- I have this wild idea to place a marzipan raspberry on the edge of the flourless cake -- place the long triangle so...
you sound like you've gotten inspired -- great news!
i use the one i got out of margaret braun's book --    3 egg whites  3/4 cup sugar 1 1/3 cup unsalted  butter 1 tablespoon vanilla   makes enough to fill and frost a 10x4" cake-- about 2.5 cups   to me the hardest part is getting your double boiler set up-- you want your top bowl to sit deep in the lower pot but the water should not touch the bottom of the bowl  -- i use a big stainless steel bowl and a dutch oven-- i used to use my mixer bowl but it did not fit...
it's hard to say just depends on how accurate you want to be -- you could just do some peach + brown   or yellow + pink + brown or even just a heavy dose of ivory color will get you there too -- just juggle the colors to get the shade you want -- for fondant i mix each color into an egg size blob and take from that to blend what i want -- not familiar with sugar flair color though --   best sculpting  to you
i've tried other brands and i just like hershey's -- if i was still doing cakes i'd get some of the black cocoa from king arthur so i could do black icing without as much food color but i've tried the different brands and i'm not impressed -- ok second favorite cocoa? nestle's -- it's like hershey's with a spring in it's step -- very good also -- but a nice diversion not the main event --   i saw marcel desaulniers on tv --the guy who wrote the death by chocolate book --...
snowflakebunny-- so we are talking about buttercream that uses powdered sugar/fat/liquid/flavor yes?   so just substitute the liquid for buttermilk straight up -- adjust to get your preferred consistency -- buttermilk is tangy right so it tones the sweetness a bit -- very good stuff --   my customers just went with whatever kind of vanilla icing i was into at the time   no choice for you!  
but i think the sugar should be tempered esp for weddings -- 
i want both i want a balanced, creamy compliment to the cake -- do you mean just vanilla frosting? my ratio for american bc is 1 cup fat to 2# powdered sugar so in cups that's 1:7 -- can you get buttermilk there? makes a nice bc. did you mean american buttercream?
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