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sure here's a list of her 5 recipes on here   then the first one has high ratio
yes something like that to stiffen it -- i'd  use cornstarch you use more cs than tylose -- tylose is good but costs more --    best to you
it's ok -- she should do it -- i mean it's not her recipe either it's yours right -- why not though -- is it supposed to be an original? 
theresaf -- "bad episode of i love lucy"    too funny --   frosted moon -- i've done the pumpkin & chocolate cake mix too -- they're like brownie muffins really good huh -- all they needed was a handful of chocolate chips to be amazing     
the first picture is the photo of it before it was moved, scrumdiddly-- i guess that's all she got -- i had to pop it open to see it
thank you james -- great ideas on how to compensate and how to store too --   another way if someone doesn't have a scale is to measure out the contents and divide by 5 -- so if it's 2 1/2 cups then you need a half cup to add to a whole mix to get to 18 oz. -- i don't know how much is in there -- that's just a guess but just measure and divide by five to get the 3 ounces --   if it's a weirdly amount that doesn't divide even -- then get five equal sized cups and level...
i think for your son's cake -- i would use an airbrush or different color icings and do sky and clouds (flat surface though) everywhere except for a large circular area in the middle of the top-- to give a nod to the 'world' --   i'd put the skylines and buildings, elephant, train, air balloon etc. around the bottom border in black/chocolate -- silhouettes right -- and along the bottom of the sky line write 1, 3, 4 etc up to 20 on one side 21-40, 41-60 and 61-80 on each...
you can darken it -- specially made candy color has no water in it -- or you could use powdered color -- and just go with your local store --    how big are you making it?
green + yellow 
looks good and easy -- be nice for snacking and for the kids to make too --    the ginger ale/spice cake is calling my name --   something even a husband could make  (no offense to any baking literate husbands)
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