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the sky's the limit -- but i would not feed that much food color to a wee one
silver foil would work like crazy
after clearing copyright issues you should charge the same whether the hand is edible or not -- the hand popping up out of a 4" cake is gonna be a very small hand -- maybe 2" x 3" give or take -- $8 - $10 a serving sounds good $12 if the traffic will bear
no fondant is not where it's at -- where it's at is where you make it sing -- if you bake/make it they will come  best to you
i would not spray underneath but there's no rule that says not to -- if the cake cooled completely in the pan then you might have to warm the bottom to get the fat to release the parchment but that's no biggie -- i use parchment and do not spray anything myself it makes for an easier release after i run a knife around the edge --   best to you
sure-- you can either apply it to a board moistened with water or use a thin layer of shortening -- like put some on and wipe most of it off -- 
 and there's no pilot light
why not just glue a cake pan upside down onto a board -- pans are easier to find, lighter in weight and purposefully re-useable -- styrofoam is fine for this -- no need to go to any trouble with wood unless you just want to -- if there's ten people that think wood is better then there are at least 10 who think styro is better -- and 9.9 of those who vote for wood probably are carpenters 
welcome-- check out 'joy of baking' online too -- sounds like baking cookies might appeal to you
you could even use buttercream, just pipe it -- or you could cut some edible paper strips or use real string even or embroidery floss or use fondant strings-- spaghetti or twizzlers or licorice   
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