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reminds me of an old story not food related but anyhow -- my daughter's first grade teacher proudly announced to the parents that she 'never calls in sick' -- omg don't breathe on my kid, lady 
you gonna pop a stick in some of them and dip them in caramel and nuts? actually just smear on some caramel not really dip them --
i see what you mean -- i would color the top and side edges of the cookie apple red and leave the bite plain uniced cookie -- so red icing all over includign the edges except the bite is plain cookie
no i do not rotate my cake pans as a rule -- i'm with you i can't figure out how to do it without everything deflating and without getting burned --   but what i do sometimes is use a one inch bigger pan then i can whittle down to the right size even it bakes wonky-- it seems there's a sweet spot just inside the edges so i delete those lower edges that's not the right size --   i'm not saying it's economical but it relieves the anxiety of the cake not baking right and...
i think i will stop while i'm ahead at having made cake balls once -- there were a couple platters to be taken to area police departments and my son took off to deliver them but never did -- he kept all those freaking cake balls -- he took them back to california on the plane omg so funny --    edited to say -- they were a surprise gift not anything the police ordered
  i know -- i saw her post in the feed and i thought wow really? about time! then i couldn't find it -- you know you've got it in you... one of these days...
and here's the post about that chocolate cake
so i spent a few minutes on hamilton creek's 'just mayo' website and figured out that their cookies come as cookie dough you purchase from them not a recipe - oh that explains why i can't find any cookie recipes  -- then there's this food for thought: 
no i've never used egg replacer --but i've worked with eggless cakes before that were atrocious -- and recently i baked a wonderful eggless chocolate cake with 'just mayo' -- don't know if your bride is into chocolate but --   then the 'just mayo' product is available at whole foods and you can check the website for other locations if you decide it's something you want to experiment with --   best to you
that would make a good difference in taste and texture longevity, magic mouthfuls, using orange zest and fondant instead of vanilla and royal icing -- a friend of mine sent me a vanilla nfsc in a plain business envelope not padded or anything and it arrived intact and tasted good -- nfsc are pretty indestructible -- a tip for you on your zest but you probably already know this rub some sugar into it with your finger tips until it gets really fragrant-- releases the oils...
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