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just use straight red for non-brick red -- i use americolor red amongst others -- works great -- to make primary colors less childish/shocking use a dab of brown icing -- for a smokey look add more brown icing -- use some black icing to get to dark navy, burgundy -- but burgundy is not easy to mix it's best to buy it -- also hot pink usually needs to be purchased -- often colors mature after you mix them so mixing and waiting a few hours is a good idea -- they continue to...   and
oh you did awesome -- i bet he was so pleased! cake, tire/tiles, orgies and all    thank you, wm, i particularly love to make up words but i hope there's a few more things i can do ;) 
usually you fold eggs or flour not milk --  but are talking about a sponge cake?   these people are great:
wooden dowel is one way -- measure one in the cake, mark it, pull it out cut each one the same length as that one --   best to you
   oh of course -- yes i think you got it -- where her autocorrect autoincorrected it
he'll love it! what are tiles?
or maybe a corkscrew wire in the shape of a saxophone
hey check this out
and so how securely are the dowel joined?  as far as my recipe, it's one cup of the cereal short of the usual recipe and it has a ton more marshmallows -- if i was doing this i would make a secure skeletal saxophone and cover the fatter parts with rkt then cover with candy clay and the thinner parts with just candy clay -- 
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