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i wasn't taking your temperature i was just tossing out some thoughts -- that all sounds great though!
one thought is to change your heating cooling filters often every month or six weeks -- furnace filters -- clean the vent covers-- also use a clumping litter -- some of that stuff is so powdery it flies all over -- I have an inexpensive dust mop that I use to wipe down walls & ceiling fans just takes a minute --
most places get the security guard or the super and escort you out of the building when you give notice and plan to become competition or go to work for the competition-- so idk small community like you said i guess -- so word will get around -- mum's the word otherwise
 not that you're trying to do that either i'm just saying, i've made my departure from many places along the way and that's just something important -- not even the hint of impropriety -- and if she tells you to tell them it won't be you doing their cake  'cause you're leaving then you've opened pandora's box -- and it becomes all about you and that's not a healthy place to be --
it's not on you if you're not there, tib ;)   can you say, "i'm not positive who'll be on duty then, could be me could be someone else -- just don't know for sure"   i'd do my best to keep this as simple as possible -- because i would want a real clear record of me not trying in any way to influence her customers to follow me --   or if all else fails -- advise your boss that customers are putting you on the spot about it and how does she want you to handle it -- 
well case closed then -- if she served it/liked it and the birthday girl was happy -- very strange when you're trying to add it all up huh -- but a happy customer is a happy customer!   sorry about your cupcakes -- yes taking a time out is a good idea -- best to you!                                             (did the filling give way inside?) (can cold fondant wrinkle?)
i said 'probably' because think if royal icing melted it would not spoil anything necessarily but there's no milk fats in royal -- really kind of a borderline determination but still i would not eat it and it's safe to err on the side of caution --   i'm sure someone could pipe up and say i kept my cream cheese (yours doesn't have cc i'm just saying) out for 7 days before i made the icing and then it melted and we used it the next month as syrup for our ice cream and...
yes probably -- she spoiled her cake --should have been kept in a cool to cold place -- was it the exhaust of a fridge or something? had to be pretty warm to melt it -- dang i hate that happened!   i don't think you should bear any responsibility with what you have said so far but did you advise her to fridge it? 
or a handerkerchief
if there's still time for a save -- you could design a quick scarf out of fondant and drape it over to conceal the issues -- you could put a pair of gloves over the handle area and a price tag over the cracks stating 23 years old or something like that -- hang  a pair of sun glasses-- a necklace --
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