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i would do buttercream because typically it's already made and they are easier & more fun to serve and eat -- i place them as i pipe them -- that's just how I've always done it -- if you ever are making buttercream roses and they are drooping on you -- stiffen your icing with some cornstarch-- i would use American buttercream
You could use rice krispie treats, or a stack of cookies that graduate in size or what would be really cool would be spun sugar -- I am clueless about your motor I did one moving part cake once -- had flapping angel wings omg -- but the biggest deal is to watch the weight -- don't let it exceed the weight limit but I hope it will spin for you upside down -- don't know -- best to you
i would attach them as i piped them -- y'know half the fun of royal is to make them in advance but i wouldn't do that in this case -- in fact i would have lobbied for buttercream -- but be that as it may-- i use popsicle sticks to make a ledge for my cascades -- if you plan it right and stack a few up from the bottom ledge and hang one over from the top ledge you really only need to hang one or two at the most defying gravity out on the side on the sticks -- i filled in...
i don't know exactly about that recipe-- the very few times i've used fresh banana i used it as last minute as possible and i filled the cake immediately -- kept it in the fridge-- it would be the first thing in the cream to turn but it should last a bit for you
hmm, depends on the com oven but mine required an electrician to re-wire to accommodate it -- you might want to get a tide-me-over oven and get the com oven when you move -- what a bummer for you!
the advantage is in the eating of course as well as in the price you should be able to charge or the glow you get to bask in
i think it's definitely a greater degree of expertise/difficulty, takes more time, uses more filling, makes a prettier, tastier serving -- i think it's the mark of a mature cake veteran -- when i started i had two big layers, sometimes two skinny layers maybe one of each so i think it should be the goal of every caker to be able to pipe a rose, fondant and smooth ice a cake, do wired flowers and stack beautiful, fragrant, secure, multi-layered (3-4 or more layers) tier...
my ascend commercial fridge is bone dry -- it's just a big rectangular box - no freezer -- my other com fridge I had in my bookstore was also dry -- however both of them have condensers
you're always getting little nagly brown spots showing through right ? i trim/shave the sides of my cakes after filling them -- even just a little makes all the difference in the world -- i just set it on the turntable and shave off an inch at a time top to bottom -- just keep turning the turntable -- put a pan there to catch the drips -- straightforward -- takes no time at all -- better than xanax
so I use an open coupler or that size or larger cut off tip of my piping bag - because it gives a good texture so squiggle the piping on
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