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if you kept your cake cold and the ganache warm -- it's a thought -- you'd have to practice this but if you time it  and carry your items climate controlled it would work -- 
ganache -- if you can keep it warm or whipped ganache will stay put and tastes great
you could place a bowl or pot upside down on the presentation table -- cover it with a scrunched up cloth or a pretty piece of material that adds to the festivities and put the little cake on the pot --so it's up higher than the big cake -- one way to get a cohesive look --   so if your cake does get overdone -- what i do is after it cools -- remove the crust right away because the moisture in a cake levels all out as it sits so you don't want to re-moisturize the...
  HAHAHAHA flavored bricks too funny 
  idk i'd not put any of that on an order myself -- because this: is what's gonna happen anyhow -- that is what i would emphasize -- i'm gonna get this done for you come hell or high water and if the water is too high we'll talk and i'll make it right -- done
i love the hershey one too but use mimi's edits or you won't like it  -- also you might want to try a texas sheet cake recipe   but instead of torting it -- i'd bake it short and layer it up that way -- just a thought
i would like mine mostly set up so they still have a little give -- i would be making them as i applied them --  i would only use flavored fondant stiffened with cornstarch so that people could eat them if they wanted -- i think it's awkward to give instructions of 'don't eat the flowers' -- i like to say 'eat the petals they are strawberry or raspberry flavored' in fact i usually deliver at least a few extra with the cake -- it's candy   best to you
idk i'm getting nervous -- if it was a square cake that needed 36 pages -- but a round cake -- no i'd definitely get two packs -- just to be safe --
you might want to try a denser cake if you run into issues with your regular recipe
oh but she might not need to cover the whole top -- maybe just one pack would do --   i love math people -- thanks j6ou
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