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you sure can trim the cheesecake -- freeze it and flip it over so it's bottom side up and trim away -- you can even leave it upside down to refreeze or re-chill in order to flip back over -- because you might want it to thaw slightly in order for it to be soft enough to carve it --   for the smaller ones-- pour your chocolate into large muffin liners to make the pleated edge reese's like shells -- do they make muffing liners that big?
omg you made me taste cream of tartar -- it tastes like poo -- ugh --   i think the best way to tamp down the butter flavor is to ramp up the vanilla   and to anyone else considering tasting it -- DON'T DO IT -- iced tea doesn't wash out the flavor either -- maybe i tasted too much -- ok for sure i did -- blech --  
hi tiffycher1 -- got some big bad weather today didn't we! SEVEN inches of rain in bartlett -- hope you are all nice & dry & safe -- anyhow--   my suggestion is to use fondant or chocolate so people can eat them and stick them on with buttercream or chocolate or royal -- oh sounds like you already have the leaves made -- so just a thought for next time then --   but royal or chocolate or just buttercream will glue them on
i'd stick with butter cream and do an aqua ombre opposite the ombre inside -- then layer or just stick sea shells all the way around -- I'd make white chocolate sea shells with a few stray aqua swirls -- i think the petals should be sea shells -- then the picture of the boy on top with the inscription
i would have them make some chocolate molds too    but what about 3-d cookies   everytime i make this pumpkin i get happy --       this was striped before i baked it -- all baked in -- it was just for fun -- disregard the chocolate...
two hours is a long time to hold anyone's attention especially for munchkins -- you need to just about have them mix & bake the cakes to fill up two hours-- or make cookies or something-- gingerbread houses maybe
we're here   is that what you meant?
to seal the deal and provide published fact -- here are three very similar tree trunk cakes published in three different cake decorator books all within a year or so of the other -- all famous beloved decorators sylvia weinstock, debbie brown and scott clark woolley -- none of them credited each other nor even God for their reproductions because it just is not necessary --   i could show you nearly alike marzipan fruit decorated tier cakes -- they are trends and we all...
 this ^^
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