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i mean depending on the weather -- if you are in a high humidity area it might degrade -- i use both royals made with egg white and made with the meringue powder -- it's typically a stable thing to do -- different variations of weather and whatever can impact it -- your own testing is your best 'advice' --   royal doesn't make people sick --
remember cupcakegate?
loosely covered -- not sealed in plastic ware or anything
it will last a month -- if it's colored keep it out of the light -- 
random is good  -- you don't have to let it alone because after you get a little more experience you can mix a color and know how much it will deepen and just use it immediately anyway -- allowing it to darken on the cake -- in fact you already have the seeds of the process -- 
    just so we're on the same page -- it's the brown/black color that takes your mixture from red to brick red -- it matures over a few hours and the brown shows up -- typically all colors placed into buttercream deepen a bit over time -- so straight red without any brown will be a nice clear red -- and it will darken/mature over time to a deeper clear red -- 
sure thing
i bake lemon/lime curd into cupcakes often -- usually cheesecake cupcakes but have used it in regular cupcakes too -- key is to be sure the curd is surrounded by cake -- i'm usually making minis so regular cupcakes should be a breeze --   king arthur has a microwave lemon curd -- they are saying the zest is optional but i always use the zest -- in fact rub it between your fingers with some of the sugar to release the oil -- when it's really fragrant it's ready...
i just use a silicone spatula --   the danish whisk looks good if it will get around in all the corners and is deep enough so that it doesn't climb up onto the wooden handle -- probably using an electric beater of some kind would make a nice product also -- you might want to consider backing off earlier so you don't have a lot of product clinging on whatever you use -- and besides the excess on the whisk is a big juicy free sample --   you can prevent the graininess from...
and that goes for soft pale blue too
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