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when i say twist the mold i mean give it a little torque one way then the other as soon as you get it out of the freezer and whap the edge of the mold sharply on the counter but have the towel there to catch the cookie when it falls --
 i think this is a great tip  Quote:Originally Posted by Magic Mouthfuls  My cookies easily last 3-6 months at room temperature with no sign of deterioration in taste or quality. ... After six months, I had 1 cookie in the remaining batch start to grow mould.   So, for safety, I use 3 months as my standard shelf life/best before date.   Remember, sugar and salt are natural preservatives.  with all due respect i disagree -- this is a stretch -- sugar is not a preservative...
do you have a link/webpage 
i just wanna say the idea of "ingredient fairies" is very appealing in general-- i like it -- i want some -- i hope you can get more than one -- i'm sure i'd keep a chocolate one so busy they'd never have enough time for other ingredients -- i think two at a rock bottom minimum
just try one at a time until you find your rhythm-- put it in the freezer and pop it out onto a soft towel on the counter -- is this mold a little flexible? kind of twist it a bit to help loosen -- you want to get it started as quick as it comes out of the freezer to keep the shock of the temperature difference on your side -- when you place it in the freezer set the timer for 5-7 minutes and make sure it has completely crisped up in there - and that your chocolate's not...
i would just plan to have it all assembled into tiers and iced today, fondanted tomorrow and decorated saturday
if you're slow & methodical start now -- have you ever kept your fondanted cakes in the fridge before? are the fillings hazardous needing to be kept cold? is the party at your house or are you traveling with it?
i would talk them into chocolate -- that much black icing/fondant would be in the teeth for a while -- i tell people -- this is food --- it's your dessert so i can always talk them into going chocolate --   not to mention you can get black cocoa too from king arthur flour company 
so is it laying down or standing up -- what are the dimenions
i know those cookies at wf -- they are usually pretty cute but you can look through the stack of cookies and you can see where they started out nice and then they got rushed getting them decorated/piped -- in other words large quantities of these are made & boxed up -- but at wf buying cookies in bulk is different than the little boxes i've seen that come from a supplier -- and their bulk cookies do suck --   then at my dog food store they have the cutest case full of...
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