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real buttermilk is available here in elvistown around the holidays
that's a reliable substitute that i also use sometimes -- but real buttermilk and buttermilk powder -- not cultured milk -- has phospholipids that make fats and water mix well that enhances cake making because it rocks the emulsion -- 
   so you follow instructions explicitly except where you change them yes?   and did you add powdered sugar in addition to the granulated sugar? at what point did you add it and the meringue powder? before/after cooking or after mixing in the butter etc. --  and did that make it grainy -- i think is laetia's question -- ps if you combine the flour and granulated sugar before adding the milk you avoid flour lumps
i've read that others say the buttermilk powder is good --
Multiplied blessings on you and your health and your new beginnings (((((giant hug)))))
you could overpipe or adorn the first letters with a little cross or a flower-- make them a darker color
it's not ok to use copyrighted materials as you of course already know -- using a random slingshot and generic crown would not be copyrighted images, nor is the color green -- cartoony generic angry eyebrows are fair game i guess -- but for future it's so much easier to avoid the whole thing -- don't you think?
looks good -- did you try it yet? blueberries? may I have an end piece? can I have some more, sir?
oh no! don't say sweet potato spice cake -- is there a recipe?
no it will work
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