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too cool, er rather hot (Fahrenheit) stuff! I'm really happy for you -- I wanted to loan you my deluxe but that damn drive woulda killed us
did she make matters worse by holding it in her car while she had her evening?
have you done very many fondant cakes? even in the front, the fondant looks rugged
oh you advised her about it, she took it anyhow, she diddled with it and you offered to fix it and she refused? "... And the doctor said, 'that's what you get for jumping on the bed!'" no refund, no mercy --
this is a little jingle/song we sang incessantly to our kids growing up "3 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head, went to the doctor and the doctor said, 'that's what you get for jumping on the bed'" she ordered late -- she upped the pick up time twice -- she let it sit in her car maybe while she ate out -- I doubt she woulda took it in with her -- haste makes waste -- that what she gets idk -- she accepted it - honestly I would not have...
thought of one other thing -- i use small bags of icing for better control -- somehow i think you already do this
but you still need to melt down the thick batch and maybe bring it to a boil to incorporate the new ingredient and IT MIGHT work
i mean you could add some applesauce or some beet juice that would help thin it -- do you have lemon juice in there -- that will help with the flavor-- agave, honey, even more sugar will loosen it up too
how much cs did you use into what quantity of berries, and what are the other ingredients in there?
we have a coffee shop here that has an evolving assortment of baked goods that i love to check out -- this would be a favorite baking job if I got one like this -- rambling my point is, you will want to go with goods that store well -- you'll want to set boundaries perhaps on shelf life -- who is going to be left 'holding the bag' for goods held past the eat by date -- shelf life will be a consideration for you
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