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  here's the black velvet recipe with espresso i found on google: the black cocoa powder is here:  i don't know about shipping overseas but there it is -- as far as i know it's just cocoa no charcoal -- oreo cookies here are true black -- those are beautiful cupcakes!
10 - 15 mins   we got our cakes already iced so...gotta allow enough time for them to ice them too
yes -- the cakes baked, the ice cream layers have to be made/inserted, the icing ready, the colored icings mixed up ready to go in the piping bags -- then it should be 10 total minutes or less to ice and decorate the cake -- you might want to have the tests done with just cake no ice cream?
the last time i offered gift cards it was in my bookstore and it had to be connected/compatible to my pos and this is all about 8 years ago so technology has come a long way since then -- but i had to buy the quantity of cards and only a certain kind would work in my pos -- had to pay extra per monthly charge to run them -- yes lost at least a coupla bucks per card unless they reloaded it -- it was worth it but it was a big deal to set up but not to run
 what do you mean?
yeah i better polish off this bottle of eggnog quick so i can get serious about losing weight -- i think one more cup full will do it ...
and it looks like the couple little bits of elephant skin they used to their (starry night) advantage
if you have to half an egg -- beat it and measure two tablespoons for a large egg
just make more cake batter -- do the math and add another quarter or half of a recipe -- pour the pans as full as you want within reason so they don't bake over and make cupcakes out of the rest
it responds to heat and cold -- the heat from you hands and fingertips will erase any marks on it -- chilling it will help it hold better than fondant -- it does not stretch like fondant will -- chilling it is like hairspray -- holds it in place
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