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madeira cake is similar to a pound cake? should be good for that -- the amount of batter you use for an 8" round you would double and add a bit for a 9x13 -- the amount you use for an 8" square you would double less a bit for a 9x13 --   best to you
i am not a wafer/rice paper expert -- i've used it here and there a few times -- no it's not like typing paper it can dissolve with too much moisture -- although you can print on wafer paper with a computer printer -- but you need a light touch if you use an edible ink marker because you can mark a hole in it    there are peeps on here who use it often -- i hope one of them chimes in soon for you
i wonder if a silver plated knife could leave some residue either of the tarnish or of the cleaner if it had recently been cleaned with a wipe on wipe off silver cleaner -- maybe it reacted with the cake in some way?   rfisher --  i think oreos are made with black cocoa no food color
idk -- never used them -- my only stray thought is to pipe on royal icing, let it dry then brush it with water just to moisten the surface and attach them? maybe   you need to test  -- i hope someone chimes in for you   or maybe brush on the piping gel -- let it dry then re-moisten with water or a damp paper towel...maybe 
you're very welcome -- be super generous with the time you schedule -- and add in time for proper sleep and eating -- drink lots of water -- get some nuts to snack on for 'fast food' -- i know it will go very well for you -- best of the best to you ♥
your finished product area could be shelving -- i mean icing and fondant could be same table but if you have the room having separate permanent photography and packaging area is really nice --   what size table do you work on now? would you like it the same size, bigger or smaller?
yes it would be a little less tidy on top from removing the board -- depending on your icing -- yes double servings -- so you are really doing a 5 tier anyhow -- the double 10" is actually two tiers  -- *high five*   and the 6" might be dwarfed a little on top of the double ten -- might want to add a single layer 8 then the 6" or make it a taller 6" or go for a taller 7" 
let me hasten to say a lot of our peers do kitchen cakes just to keep the main cake small/smaller but i mean if you can stack 4 tiers properly why not 5 or 6 but it's your decision -- you just let the venue know that cake is substantial -- no card tables --    ...a five tier would look pretty in your portfolio ...    i did a monster cake once and i had the hardware store cut one inch dowel for me for the bottom tier -- one inch dowel stand up all on their own there's...
oh and a photography area too -- you don't want to keep working on top of yourself i mean if you have the room -- and a place to build plateaus and cake boards aka a craft area to include foam cutting, making molds etc -- 
   i mean ultimately you decide of course but here's my two cents -- sometimes a bride wants a particular silhouette -- be it three square cakes or four round or five heart shaped or a hex a round an oval and square shape or whatever for her cake -- so getting the exact servings she needs is sometimes impossible to fit into that profile/silhouette -- so in that case you might need to do kitchen cakes -- there's good reason to do kitchen cakes sometimes -- but to me just...
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