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  what i was trying to say is charge as much as possible if you want it to stay fun --  fair market value for the cake in your picture should go for at least $3.50 $4.00 a serving to $5 $6 a serving depending on where it's sold, or more for premium ingredients etc.  if it's an 8x6 you need to be able to say 'that'll be $200 thank you very much' give or take a few -- or just keep it fun and do for family because some of those people saying they want to order don't...
best to you
it'll be fine -- a little extra buttercream never hurt anything -- if it's vanilla bc on light colored cake or chocolate bc on choco cake all the better -- no worries either way -- you're fine
  hear me out for a second --  this ^^^ statement is the exact wrong way to go --  you literally need to charge as much as you can -- people can get good cake anywhere -- no where can they get your cakes -- that's rare and special -- if it's worth your time and energy as busy as you are then folks gotta pay for it and that's only gonna happen if you charge 'em for it --  to address the fact that you are rather new at this -- some people want to order from you because they...
brilliant move -- awesome update -- keep me/us posted
wow -- what a gorgeously beautiful event -- the silver quilted cloches on the table -- you did it proud though -- but oh my aching back/knees rolling out that fondant -- oh and those white panels on the wall -- the scrolls -- it looks like you piped that on! you were really busy 
oh my gosh that's gorgeous --   i love how you proportioned the beautiful cascading flowers to perfectly compliment the cake dimensions --   the whole thing rocks my socks off -- so happy for you -- wow and wow again --   did you decorate the whole table? is that sitting on another table or is the leafy surround sitting on the floor?   did you go with the 30"?
and they are taller than the pans so you'll need some foam dummies -- 
you know you're gonna be making those flames by cutting them out and laying them on the edges of the same size pans to get the right curvature -- so i'd use fondant with a considerable amount of cornstarch kneaded in and give them a good while to set up --   of course it's best to be all prepared before you launch anything but time and chance happen to all of us -- far be it from me to impede your momentum --
sure in a perfect world that's a perfect way to do it  but otherwise i firmly disagree -- tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of us started out this way (not referencing you op -- nothing personal just speaking in general) not knowing our butts from a hole in the ground  --   for that cake i would set a number of about $350 for a minimum because after you tell them the price they say well i only need half those servings and they expect you to do the exact same...
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