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i think you loose a lot of the flavor bang that way but some people make pink champagne cake that way and other cakes too i guess  but what i do is make a simple syrup and add the amaretto or whatever liqueur to that -- i just do it to taste -- maybe 3 parts ss to 1 part booze give or take maybe two ss parts to one part -- then i squirt or brush that onto the baked cake layers -- creates a lovely accent --   op is asking for that flavor buttercream and i am not familiar...
they intentionally served inedible cake? at some point they'd figure it was 'inedible' before they finished serving -- there's a bs flag on this play -- and why didn't you uphold your own contract?    seems like you got flimflammed doesn't it?   what does the caterer say?
just depends on how many you want to sit there and cut out -- me i would make a cutter for 50 --    you can look online for how to make your own cookie cutters -- amazon and other places sell cookie cutter kits too
most everybody has cake leftover after an event especially if they didn't serve it all because they didn't like it -- i would not give any more than the 70% -- you did them more than right -- no you shouldn't have given a full refund -- why didn't you request the return of the cake?
amaretto would work -- i'd go for a mocha or a straight up vanilla buttercream
you're welcome, jp -- so you're going to maintain a presence in two different places -- never mind telling your friend that i vote with her i'm gonna tell her myself 
i've designed one with a gyroscopistic/gyroscopial/gyroscopational (pick one ;) type mechanism that will maintain orientation and keep it level -- i don't think it's very marketable because i think it will cost too much -- and since there's other ways to do it, for me i would not purchase one besides i'm retired anyhow --   so it's a no for me
just negotiating the parking lot at the mall while Christmas shopping is something to avoid/limit as you advance in your pregnancy but if you had to do it every day -- and after working/standing all day walking blocks away to your car after the mall closes -- carrying in ingredients -- washing dishes/floor end of day -- the work is SO physical opening a business is like delivering a baby -- every day
if i was 6 months pregnant i would find the most comfortable schedule possible for myself especially in light of the fact that i had three other kids to take care of -- no matter what their ages if they are still at home --   if i had someone else to stand there all day every day to sell the stuff and clean up and re-open in the morning -- the hours at the mall get extended for the holidays --   omg no way in hell is what i'm trying to say -- f no is what i really...
rusti, great idea -- easy for peeps with enough strength in their hands -- for weenies like me and for those without an extruder -- if the 'sausage' is rolled between two dowels/skewers that are same size -- this will also ensure a uniform diameter link i hope we get pictures
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