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blodgett sucks -- full convection sucks -- ge profile sucks but it's a home oven -- i like a nice deck oven although others have had problems with those -- right now even though i've had it for years i am still in the honeymoon phase with my deluxe convect a ray cake oven -- i love it to pieces -- i also have a castle pizza oven with stone decks but i never got it installed, my husband thought it would burn the house down -- if nothing else it was a great incentive to get...
wait, no not the size of the pan but the ratio of batter to the size of the pan -- filling your pan half full as a rule and no more than 2/3 full -- yes?
what size pan, what quantities on the ingredients -- have you allowed for cake mixes being smaller now?
maybe batter is too wet or pan is too full
awesome -- love the lock & keys -- jacob would be proud
what type of cake are you making and yes getting everything to crescendo on point is the point -- generally speaking one to two days would be the most i would hold a cake in the fridge before delivery -- prior to that they would have been baked to order and frozen -- as for cupcakes, baked one day in advance -- but i'm not a cupcake guru -- i'd make them as last minute as possible -- but there are no hard and fast rules -- you have to do what works for you and your...
i'm sure the kind sold by your local cake shop would/should be fine -- if i or anyone give you a specific brand we need to know what country/area you're in for that brand name to be pertinent to you -- if you need an off white you can use Wilton ivory color to make a beautiful off-white icing -- i realized me asking what is country white and what country you're in needed some explanation -- the two questions were unrelated to each other --
if i wanted the best taste i'd either use marzipan or i'd add flavored oil to fondant for example a lorann oil -- raspberry works well for me
and the microwave thing -- give it a few minutes in there after the power shuts off -- so the temperature all levels out -- easy peasy -- parchment bags
just put some melted chocolate in a parchment piping bag -- cut the tip off because you can unclog the tip easier than using a tube/tip -- either store it on a saucer placed on top of a small pot of barely simmering water or on a heating pad usually covered with plastic wrap -- just fold the tip over so it doesn't drip -- you can store it in the parchment and/or if it just hardens up put it in the microwave on gentle heat and squeeze it back and forth to rejuvenate it -...
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