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it's not ok to use copyrighted materials as you of course already know -- using a random slingshot and generic crown would not be copyrighted images, nor is the color green -- cartoony generic angry eyebrows are fair game i guess -- but for future it's so much easier to avoid the whole thing -- don't you think?
looks good -- did you try it yet? blueberries? may I have an end piece? can I have some more, sir?
oh no! don't say sweet potato spice cake -- is there a recipe?
no it will work
sure there's a lot of hoops to jump through but for example in my area it just simply not allowed period -- so there's the difference-- if you are going to be certified to serve large gatherings of the public you need to have 5 sinks for safety -- you need the grease trap to save your plumbing -- it seems oversized but still it's doable -- it's not easy but it's allowed -- spend your energy getting it done for yourself the door is open best to you! go for it! find some...
my gf and i made blueberry pancakes once and they came out as purple pancakes with little blue bits in them  this for a breakfast we were serving to lots of people  so eventually i learned to drop them in --
and i think it would be wrong for you to accept another order from her -- just say no thank you -- i mean if you were a storefront maybe go a second round with her but not a from home cakery --   we had one notoriously difficult lady come to the bakery and NO ONE ever wanted to deal with her -- but i took a shot at it and she liked what i did for her so difficult people sometimes can become successful customers -- but if there's only one or two employees -- it's too hard...
me too -- it's buyer's remorse
chocolate would be great -- you gonna post a picture? really i just want a slice with all this talk ;)
idk i think that kind of streusel would need to be on top to get the direct heat to crisp up although it's never stopped me from nibbling on it before I bake it -- best idea -- use the recipe as Mimi suggests -- you could layer in some blueberries but I would not mix them in so they stay whole -- wonder if they would sink --
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