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no the powdered sugar is three cups -- just follow the recipe on the box of cocoa or google it
around the holidays it's available for sure and I can usually find it in the more affluent neighborhoods, probably whole foods & fresh market -- and of course asking your grocery store manager for things helps too --
the difference in the two recipes is the butter is half cup aka one stick and the powdered sugar is three & a half cups -- I add a tablespoon of coffee and a pinch of salt
the one on the can is hershey's perfectly perfect chocolate icing-- also perfectly google-ilicious-- I'd post a link but I'm on a phone-- hey for what it's worth -- i make this with softened butter, not melted -- best to you
yes and when you try the buttermilk get full fat real buttermilk -- I can't always find it in my local grocery store but when I need it it's worth the drive -- there's something in it that makes your emulsion uber smooth and secure
apti, thank you -- priceless information -- and a little bit of trivia -- I bought the 70's yearbooks as they came out -- lol i have the #2 encyclopedia -- and it covers a wealth of non buttercream info -- decorating from all over the world including the Philippines, English method, Australian, south African, Mexican-- then decorating with chocolate, pastillage, gum paste flowers, 50 pages of pulled sugar as well as piping 3d figurines, an airplane, lace, filigree,...
ok first of all -- no gift-- it doesn't matter if they realize the effort or not -- the effort, time and money are still spent on their behalf -- then again if this is a parents' funded event, it's more of a gift to the parents than b&g -- still I would not do a gift -- I mean if the bride herself is advising you there's gonna be nearly double cake available -- I'd scale back -- I think I'd feel like baling altogether but sure do what you're comfortable with -- for peace...
what are you going to be making? -- either plastic wrap or a heat sealer-- idk but does your health dept allow you to do a blanket ingredient list? and please do not let the fact that this is a ministry affect your ministry
"and maybe tatoos" too funny, mb! i'm in...maybe
thank you, cs -- there's a fabulous thread on vanilla making on the forums of egullet dot com if you want to go looking for it-- it's real easy though -- i'm sure instructions abound on the internet -- best to you
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