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a 30" cake 8" tall will need to be carefully fondanted -- you'll need to piece it or roll out something that's at least 46" big -- or you could roll out a gigantic strip that's at least 12"  deep and super long to wrap around it -- i hope you have someone to help you with some of this ;)   best to you
 it's ground almonds, spreadable -- just the same as peanut butter is ground peanuts --  aka protein
  you musta missed the part where i said: 
would i eat a three day old cupcake -- without a doubt -- would i serve them at a party -- no way -- that's just me -- i think cupcakes are last minute dealios -- they are so small and the air can hit/penetrate them so fast -- as soon as a cake cools off it starts to deteriorate --   they probably will be fine
here -- put one in a sealed container in the fridge for four hours -- if the paper doesn't peel off and you like the cake when it comes to room temp then it probably/maybe will be ok to fridge them -- but refrigerating and freezing cupcakes can sometimes result in papers loosening up and cake drying out -- does the icing cover the whole top of the cake or is cake still showing -- the icing can seal the cake in there but then the paper might come off might not --   i...
i don't know -- they probably will be ok -- lot of different factors to consider 
is your chocolate out of temper? how hot is it when you pour it? is there residue in your molds? how do you clean your molds?   no, you don't need spray
 they don't have to be refrigerated -- but they might dry out a little by then -- cupcakes don't always have a long shelf life
ok so the largest dummy i have is a 20" so i set up the 20x16x12x8 and that 8 looks dinky/short to me -- i'd be prepared to do at least a 6" tall top tier if not an 8 inch tall 8" tier like the rest --   that 30" cake 8" tall is gonna be one big momma -- if it was me i'd sculpt it down toward the top so it's 28" around at the top and 30" around at the bottom to soften it that little bit -- all your cakes are 4" difference in graduation except that bottom tier is 6"...
i'm pretty good at 'seeing' how things will look in their final state -- this one is elusive -- it's certainly original and if it's decorated right it will rock the house -- the only thing i'm thinking is having either the 12 or the 16 only 5 inches tall -- i can't envision how both those two tiers there will look at 8" tall -- depending on how tall this baby gets you might not even be able to see much of the top tier standing right by it
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