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  it says she's moving to austin tx -- so hopefully she'll be back
the buttercream studio!__couture-cake
i think djm3 hit the nail on the head -- perfect answer --   i mean real donut glaze can be as simple as confectioner's sugar and water and you could add white color to make it opaque if you had to but i'd avoid titanium dioxide and avoid as much food color as possible for little kids -- but to make it look like 'donut glaze' just do the fondant on the upper half and let it be a little scalloped around the edges for a great effect --   i made a giant 16" donut shaped...
what flavor are they?
oh i love those! i had a panda bear (stuffed animal) way before it was cool   and they're complete with a little tail -- you ROCKED it! those are the best
i got a deluxe because i saw it at a cake convention in vegas and earlene has one -- hers has four decks mine has three -- i think i've never had to service it except to get it installed by an electrician -- i think deluxe makes other ovens-- can't remember --
idk -- it looks like some heat was involved too like maybe it was kept out in the car too -- look at all the ribbles/blublettes/texture in the surface of the top tier --   and yes a cake cannot be delivered successfully if placed on an uneven surface but car seats can be made level handily with for example a roll of paper towels underneath a sheet tray or a coke can under a cutting board or a rolled up jacket/t-shirt under a slice of cardboard -- i deliver all the time...
what kind of cookies -- i would not look forward to serving/eating two week old cookies unless they were held in a freezer
  if you try a vanilla cake lemme know how it goes ok? or anything other than the choco thanks
blodgett sucks -- full convection sucks -- ge profile sucks but it's a home oven -- i like a nice deck oven although others have had problems with those -- right now even though i've had it for years i am still in the honeymoon phase with my deluxe convect a ray cake oven -- i love it to pieces -- i also have a castle pizza oven with stone decks but i never got it installed, my husband thought it would burn the house down -- if nothing else it was a great incentive to get...
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