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i would talk them into chocolate -- that much black icing/fondant would be in the teeth for a while -- i tell people -- this is food --- it's your dessert so i can always talk them into going chocolate --   not to mention you can get black cocoa too from king arthur flour company 
so is it laying down or standing up -- what are the dimenions
i know those cookies at wf -- they are usually pretty cute but you can look through the stack of cookies and you can see where they started out nice and then they got rushed getting them decorated/piped -- in other words large quantities of these are made & boxed up -- but at wf buying cookies in bulk is different than the little boxes i've seen that come from a supplier -- and their bulk cookies do suck --   then at my dog food store they have the cutest case full of...
it does work great-- i've made very large gb things with it and then my husband eats gb for months afterwards -- it's a tasty win win -- we never get tired of gb but still i mostly only make it once a year too --   this is really making me wanna mix some up too...
yes flower power and rock & roll --   wow i just thought of this juicy cake by m.braun    when you said flower power  
and i couldn't resist getting some of the waffle textured foil cookie sheets which will be perfect for my tea rings i make at christmas -- but i won't bake on them -- only for delivering and i decorate them with paper lace doilies and i have some red grease proof paper to really cover them all up and then the recipient can just discard --   anyhow 
yes i like to dry my dishes in the oven too -- more so in the winter --   the hardest thing i've encountered lately with the foil cookware is making a decision -- my daughter asked me to make a couple of these rustic apple pies for her work -- probably just should've gotten some 10 or 12 inch cake boxes but it was sunday and those stores were closed -- michael's handily sells half sheet boards that cleverly do not fit their hs boxes -- yeah ok i could cut the boards then...
love me some patchouli oil -- she and i are probably peers then --    here's the question, gray, didja google poodle skirts or corvair?  
  yeah whoops probably not omg -- i forgot about the silhouette thing when i discarded disco -- just was the theme of the 60's early 70's -- like beads and hippies, long hair and haight ashbury and granola and health foods and black light, patchouli oil, etc.  do not get fired and quit googling at work you're gonna get me in trouble  
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