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i applied it to smbc -- no adhesive was necessary -- i think it just sticks where it's planted even on fondant -- i hope you can do a little test for yourself -- you'll feel better
there was a very slight difference but i kept my cakes cold even though i applied as last minute as possible -- i bought two kinds -- the ones attached to a piece of paper and the kind that is completely loose leaf-- and i actually liked the first one better -- they're almost impossibly fragile -- don't breathe hard -- i lost a few sheets just leafing through opening it up -- poof gone! best to you
it's almost impossible to tell from a picture without a coke can or something in there for perspective but i think the tiers are a 3" graduation
it's likely against the health code so you'd need to check there first
I am sorry that some people private messaged you and used you as their whipping post to unleash their bitterness -- please don't believe a word they said! i once said on here that I did a couple cakes A YEAR for pay and I got the same treatment -- 'they' insisted I was a business and of course at 2-3 cakes a year? a business? hahaha you can flag those nasty private messages -- there's a little red flag at the bottom of the message -- to bring that cowardly ugliness to...
the very first wedding cake I did was as a pro in my approved facility -- never decorated a cake before, first paid cake, first tier cake -- did not know what i was doing -- i was So Way self taught-- far as quality, subpar and beauty is in the eye of the beholder -- there's Kerry Vincent competition perfect and there's 'professional' that scrapes a decorating comb across an overbaked cake covered in holey icing with dark patches of cake showing through found anywhere...
my husband got the food ordered and paid for we waiting for the ones ahead of us then we drove straight through without picking up the food-- he's never been pregnant nor decorated a cake -- I know I'm telling on him but I couldn't resist -- too funny!
you're welcome -- and when I mold something with it I mold while it's warm, right out of the pan with well buttered hands -- if I'm making a quantity of small items, I set my pan over another pan of hot water -- a Bain Marie -- -- another way is to stuff it into a pan and carve it out after it sets up -- my first thought would be to get out my corelle soup/cereal bowls which would be a perfect shape for an m&m person -- I'd mold them in there & let them set up overnight...
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