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your recipe for doctored cake mix -- does it have self rising flour?   and what flavor are you wanting?
here's the recipe i use:   i can't answer for the vagaries of of fondant but i freeze my cakes filled and uniced -- then ice frozen and apply fondant then store in the fridge -- i usually use satin ice store bought --   it's really kinda cool that trisha yearwood has the same recipe -- i got mine from an old friend some years ago
have you tried pound cake? and i do my carving with frozen cake -- that will help with the stickiness --also if the top of the cake is sticky -- it will ball up and you can just roll off the gooey part
i'm thinking along the lines of what remnant said -- did you beat a lot of air into it? or did you fold in egg whites too gingerly?
there's this lube they use on bicycle parts called white lightning -- i've never used it on my turntable but i've always wanted to...just a thought -- when my son put it on my bike it made an incredible difference -- just never got around to putting it on my turntable
 yoiks -- you're barely over a dollar a serving -- ouch ouch and ouch -- question for you, please -- what would this cost -- a 60 serving cake -- at the nicest bakery in your area?
looks like edible ink marker* and yellow piping to me   *americolor gourmet markers
Quote: Originally Posted by LNW    Have I mentioned how AWESOME you are???  Test batch #1 going into the oven soon :D   merci beaucoup from all of us
 yes the inch-a-buck thing has been quoted on here over and over by some of our cookie experts -- what you do is establish time increments, say every 15 minutes is an additional $6 -- so you then determine in advance that the order for 2 dozen 3" mona lisa cookies ($108)  plus an additional 10 minutes to make a template and 10 minutes to mix colors  and then 15 minutes each to do by hand*   so 10+10+(15m x 24 cookies)= 380 minutes divided by 15 minute increments that cost...
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