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you've got mail -- and you've got this -- it is as straight forward as you think it is   best to you -- you're very welcome
i've got a file for you but after i got it scanned into the computer but i can't figure out how to move it to the board here -- i think i could email it -- pm me if that's something you want to look at -- but it really sounds like you got this -- so if your house is 6" tall to the eave of the roof -- the triangle could be 3-4" tall-- 3.5
 i had one too [high five] i love love loved it -- but then i never got any refill mixes or anything so i matriculated myself to the big oven  and the rest is cellulite history hahaha
what i do is get a picture -- as in google "images of houses"  and look through and find me one i like then i take a ruler up to the computer screen and measure all the dimensions -- then multiply it out to make it big enough -- does that translate to you --   i do that for whatever i'm making -- cars, shoes, anything -- i get a picture measure it right where it's at -- and then multiply by 2 -- if that's too small multiply by 4 or 7 or whatever gets me my basic size for...
awesome! congrats
use anything you want
i mean depending on the weather -- if you are in a high humidity area it might degrade -- i use both royals made with egg white and made with the meringue powder -- it's typically a stable thing to do -- different variations of weather and whatever can impact it -- your own testing is your best 'advice' --   royal doesn't make people sick --
remember cupcakegate?
loosely covered -- not sealed in plastic ware or anything
it will last a month -- if it's colored keep it out of the light -- 
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