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an hour -- yoiks! it will get much better -- after cracking eggs -- 12-15 minutes tops to cook and whip the meringue then add the butter -- i would never make it otherwise
glad to hear she is healing up ♥
it would have to have hot & cold elements
you can do the same thing with a roll of paper towels and a sheet pan
here's another business start up good read
they're not exclusive to efavormart -- i buy mine from my local cake store -- 
i love those acrylic pieces -- have so many different applications and like you said, cheaper -- but yes mirrored stands are really cool too -- diy all the way
one of these   and two of these   then the cupcake stand would have to have a hole in the middle to thread onto the acrylic tube and of course the bottom plate would need to be bigger than the plate the cake sits on so it is stable
i'm not familiar with the red & green show -- but just talking tape -- i'm in love with gorilla tape -- can't wait to get the clear stuff
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