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please post your results -- looking forward to hearing how it turns out for you
and cake burn out is not ay all dependent on the baby thing -- the baby thing exacerbates it though -- and you've got your hands full as is with a toddler and a new born so whatever you do -- don't waste any energy beating yourself up for anything -- figure out ways to make things easier on yourself
physically, your body would just now be fully recovered from baby #1 but baby #2 snuck in there -- so physically you have some serious replenishing to do -- takes time -- you do need to raise your prices -- little by little -- peeps probably won't balk at a $4 to $5 increase -- and you probably need to start dumbing down the designs you do so you can do more in less time
it's definitely a love/hate relationship -- what you are describing is burn out -- welcome to the smoke dusted, singed club -- best to you
i mean what was her point when she was advising you about the extra cake? for you to be wondering enough to post here about it what was her frame of mind -- I know you decided to make the 12 -- I'm just curious
true that it darkens but it's not streaky like whipped ganache can be -- solid rich color
no the powdered sugar is three cups -- just follow the recipe on the box of cocoa or google it
around the holidays it's available for sure and I can usually find it in the more affluent neighborhoods, probably whole foods & fresh market -- and of course asking your grocery store manager for things helps too --
the difference in the two recipes is the butter is half cup aka one stick and the powdered sugar is three & a half cups -- I add a tablespoon of coffee and a pinch of salt
the one on the can is hershey's perfectly perfect chocolate icing-- also perfectly google-ilicious-- I'd post a link but I'm on a phone-- hey for what it's worth -- i make this with softened butter, not melted -- best to you
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