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that sounds perfect
no i've never used that one -- i use an 18" cake knife to torte/level and i've used the large wilton one -- but the one in the picture looks really nice -- especially considering the cost of the agbay --
if i do an extra cake i layer it like i would the tier cake -- typically 4 layers of cake  so all the cut servings are identical -- no decor other than a bottom border maybe 
all of the steps are individual to each decorator -- i say it this way "one baker's never ever do is the baker's 'i swear by this' "    so the freezer is a tool like any other it's not good or bad in and of itself -- freezing realigns all the moisture in the cake in a good way -- y'know how chili, meatloaf, spaghetti, potato salad is better the next day -- the freezer is the cakes 'next day'    so you need to decide for yourself which way works best for you...
i had a toaster oven that advised against using foil tents so there's that -- and beyond that i would suggest you just find a recipe you like and half it -- like this one but bake it in a 8x8 sq pan   to this recipe i add an extra quarter cup of flour and i add the eggs to the creamed butter/sugar and beat well -- i do not separate and whip up the whites and yolks -- i add them right out of the shell -- for a...
here's some older editions for as little as ten bucks -- scroll to the bottom
awesome -- hope all goes well
and there's a cinnamon bun white fondant? too cool!
i mean i know you said hsn but i thought you meant some other cake store or something -- i didn't think you meant hsn the tv channel store -- i've never used fondarific but this is mind boggling that they sell it on tv!    i usually use satin ice
here yah go -- now i got mine for about $40 give or take so the prices fluctuate and check too   Professional Baking, 6th Edition by Wayne Gisslen   and there's a 7th edition too -- comes with a dvd   best to you
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