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i would make most of those out of fondant -- that little golden sunburst looking one i might do in royal 
it's a pretty easy, as in straight forward 2-d cake -- i think $5 - $6 a serving is respectable so if you're selling 30-36 servings i think you're there -- $180 to $220 --   best to you
this alone is good reason why the microwave was born:   i've made tons of curd like this-- it's awesome!
how do you wet the foil? are there paper towels inside?
you could use t-pins -- i've used all three, bake even strips, paper towels and cloth towels but i've never used any foil
they look like flowers you'd find in a nosegay -- posies -- just blossom flowers
why don't you make something pretty within your boundaries to make and buy some characters to put on there
sure you can do it that way
why wouldn't that be beautiful? that's not too much -- 
if you think about it, a tree is just branches and sticks -- you could pipe those on if you practice -- or you could cut your own stencil but it's just sticks and leaves --   for color i'd use combination of green brown & gray -- the leaves i'd use yellow & brown   best to you
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