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i'm not familiar with the red & green show -- but just talking tape -- i'm in love with gorilla tape -- can't wait to get the clear stuff
your links aren't working for me -- but the other thing i wanted to say is even though you melted your choco over low heat it can get too hot -- i've burnt my choco and still it was creamy -- just tossing out some more information -- in other words how low the flame/fire was is not an indicator to how hot the chocolate was -- apparently it was quite hot if 10 minutes in the box didn't cool it off and it was sweating and still melting -- but i mean it depends on how big...
so how big are these molds? still melting after 10 minutes in the freezer? need to leave it in there long enough for it to set up -- and yes the tempering is critical for success as jennicake already advised --
does that mean your business license #?
but of course in the case of equipment purchases say from ck's or restaurant depot you have to declare them and pay tax anyhow -- but -- oh god it gets complicated and i'm already thinking of 20 variations --   it's your tax id # 
when i applied i had to give my state tax id # if memory serves -- it's your state's permission to be a business and to charge/collect and most importantly pay them taxes -- yeah you said you got your tax id -- that's it --   because 'they' check on everything and make sure it all adds up -- ck can get in trouble for selling to un-authorized buyers who of course will not be charged sales tax on ck's end because the buyers are supposed to be re-selling and charging the...
ritta -- read through the thread -- the info is in there -- best to you
just depends on how big you are -- the people with the big trucks who deliver require a high $ commitment  --   i worked for a place that did several millions in food service yearly and they bought cake mix from wal-mart -- ordered it in advance -- you just gotta watch it -- butter at sam's club is $3.30 a pound but that's currently beating the local grocery store price -- check locally for restaurant supply places if you're not buying in huge quantity -- oh yeah...
  it says she's moving to austin tx -- so hopefully she'll be back
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