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you can still say you were inspired by a great cake you saw on pinterest -- or something like that -- either way with or without 
 you always have the best 'story' cakes -- awesome work -- i love all the action -- the details are amazing -- great stuff, cazza and merry christmas to you and yours
honey comes out of the hive in different shades but clear and eventually it crystalizes over time in chunks and turns cloudy -- if it's creamed or whipped in the first place the crystals are real small and it stays nice & spreadable -- it's still 'raw' even if it's whipped/creamed -- this kind of honey has different names but it's the opaque stuff --   when honey is cooked it's no longer raw --
several ways to do it -- you could apply a fbt then star it all in -- you could freehand it -- you could cut out pattern pieces and do it section by section -- you could use a kopykake machine and use a light to impose the image onto the cake and fill in the blanks -- i'm sure there's other ways too   best to you
white thick honey is whipped honey yes? mom used to use it in her coffee
i think hmcakery is correct -- those proportions if not those exact measurements -- they are all the same height -- the middle tier is wider that it is tall -- the top tier is taller than it is wide --   yes hmcakery for the win
candy melts are already in temper -- no worries there however -- be sure to melt them -- working with chocolates means it's all time sensitive -- let it melt don't jack up the temp   your chocolates will be as shiny as your mold so yes as leah suggests buff them out nice & pretty --   i don't have my glasses on so pls forgive typos   best to you
that's piped with a star tip
oh i'm so sorry for that terrible accident, k -- so glad it wasn't worse -- i hope they recover smoothly without complications and quickly and someone gives them a better car!
and yes color applied in layers with either brush or airbrush
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