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i would cover the cake with the cheetah print and make an ice fishing scene on the top all surrounded by cheetah -- to the people who order the cake -- it won't look weird -- y'know clear whatever idea you come up with with them if you need to --   cheetah print fish would be cute too -- maybe a little ice around the bottom border
there is no clear answer to this -- both are liked -- not to mention the average non-cake person will identify a good cake as their favorite either scratch or mix when the opposite can be true -- this is a no win endeavor -- if you want more information do some searches here on this subject-- best to you
the horse and pony are in the corral of course -- the corral could back up to the rocks that border the stream/ocean water maybe -- depending on the size of the cake the sheep could be barely dots in the distance as well as the dog
  so make some water on the top of the cake like an 'eternity pool' that will spill over one edge and make a fenced corral and some softly rolling hills/pasture on the other side so dot a few puffins around the rocks that surround the water put an otter in the water set the falcon on the fence put the sheep in the pasture with the collie out there tending them bam
and of course when you get smbc nice and cold it is as hard as butter so that's when i apply my fondant -- then i put mine tiers back in the fridge -- some of us leave them at room temp but the fondant firms up a bit and holds itself together -- for the record i've never been accused of being incredibly careful and perfect  
you answered your own question -- yes the fondant dries a bit and firms up
yes i rarely crumb coat --
i used that once and my vanilla cake tasted like corn
i often use an open coupler size piping bag and pipe on the icing  for the tiny tiers -- twirling the turntable -- then smooth it 
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