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where are you located? $18 shipping bites -- can you put together a bigger order to warrant that much shipping? hopefully it doesn't increase exponentially
outdoor receptions make me cringe -- i had one where while i was setting up the setting sun was drawing a laser beam on my cake but there was a tree right in the way where 5 minutes later the cake was in the shade  yes!   yes that plateau sure could have exacerbated the effect of the sun -- hate that for you!   even for indoor cakes i make them move the cake table, close the shades and i make them understand fully that the big ball of fire in the sky will bring the...
i try to use mine as fresh as possible -- i'll stick it it in the fridge if it's gonna be too long -- i usually use smbc
oh i start and complete assembly on the cake table -- sometimes i commandeer another (banquet) table in order to set up -- i just take what i need -- but one time i had to get a ladder to reach a top tier with a fountain under it in the middle of a huge table but i don't ask permission -- i arrive authorized ;)
corn on the cob is awesome/delicious! it looks real i thought it was real i said she did not make this -- oh but she did!
sugarluva, is that original recipe or extra crispy?   i mean come on -- chef black & white check against black & white tile -- the back ground alone sells it -- the caked et al is great -- could someone get out a micrometer and find a flaw -- probably but the cake's simply a winner -- you need to find someone else to stress out with you ♥ you got this
i just noticed you mentioned bringing your pasta machine -- i would just bring a rolling pin but i can't remember ever having to repair ribbon --
you're very welcome, miss michelle -- best of the best to you and lots of sweet success
i apply fondant ribbons before delivery with for example an 8" cake on another separate 10" board so that the ribbon will stay in place during delivery and i can slide the cake off the 10" board when i assemble -- the ribbon stays put -- for an imprinted ribbon i would bring the mold and some fondant to repair if necessary --
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