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a week is not a problem -- but i do not fridge mine -- just room temp and keepi i covered is what i do   best to you -- sounds like a fun cake
use her florist --- in fact she should already have arranged that for you --but when it comes up at the consult just ask her if the florist is aware and that you will be contacting them -- just call the florist and touch base -- spy out the land -- typically the florist leaves your flowers for you in a bucket of water at the reception   top tier being saved is the bride's decision -- i use the following as a selling tool -- with the wedding cake scraps either leftover...
and i love the balance in that picture with the glorious beautiful window -- very cool -- like when the cake is displayed in front of a mirror and the clever photographer (aka not moi ;) gets the cake and the enchanting reflection of the same in the frame -- anyhow -- very pretty
you're gonna be fine -- perfect soundly planned cake -- assemble on site of course -- you might want to have a barrier between the flowers and the cake icing if you haven't already planned for that -- a piece of parchment or something like that -- a paper doily would be cool if your icing crusts --   you also might want to be assured that the cake table and the flooring is sound -- we had one venue with a beautiful 360 degree area for the cake -- kind of a wide spot in...
rexygirl, yes when basketweave became all the rage back a few decades ago -- like i said you lightly crumb coated and then made sure to smoosh the piping firmly connecting with the surface -- i'm repeating myself here -- but i think i said it better this time --
  cost -- nice crystals add up real fast
i think an 8 would be about perfect for 16 servings once you make it into an oval -- it will be on a bit of a smaller scale from a real hat i think -- maybe i just have a fat head  don't answer that --   best to you
I'm really sorry that happened -- I don't know why -- obviously it didn't adhere well and jiggled off -- ouch! but my suggestion for you to consider is deliver climate controlled cold cakes in a sealed box with freezer packs if needed-- just like as has been suggested watch out for your oils on the outside edges and make sure you are piping on nice & firmly attached -- hey this makes another good reason to shave off the sides of tiers before you ice -- I'm not a big...
if you make a nine inch cake you will go way over the servings you need when you make it tall enough to be in proportion... but if you make it to a 16 serving size it will be a miniature -- so you just have to decide which way to go -- and I would use an oval shape -- sculpt a round cake
so let me rephrase -- you want cold eggs at first so the yolks aren't as apt to break -- and after the sugar and eggs are cooked, the warm mixture yields more volume than a cold mixture -- i didn't want you to think that if you started the process with warm whites you get more volume --
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