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my sheet cake sizing comments were directed at op -- 
also sheet cakes are one layer
but it still needs support dowel that goes straight up and down from board to board holding/supporting each tier including the top tier (aka the basketball)   the x skewers are just to provide a bit of stability for the top tier
generally every 4 to 5 inches of cake (from table top up of course) needs to be boarded and doweled for the cake to be secure and stand -- so yes the ball should be on it's own board -- use a center dowel if you want to guard against it sliding -- probably a good idea in this case and deliver it cold from the fridge -- in fact i might use a couple skewers in the ball angled out for the best hold on it x    best to you
you need to google your county and city and see what you can find -- call the local health authorities and ask -- but you might have to satisfy other local ordinances and hoa requirments etc. -- sometimes it's real easy and sometimes it's more involved but you have to get your particular local information --   like for me it's legal in tn but not legal in my city -- banana bread at the farmer's market maybe custom cakes no way -- so it's different everywhere -- if you...
  ok it's taken me 24 hours here to see what you said -- i looked at it and i thought she either means puny or funny -- oh duh on me you mean full of puns punny punny pun pun hahaha  little slow here -- so you still rockin'! geez 
it's confusing because op said a full sheet cake -- but apparently she meant two full sheet cakes stacked -- plus if she's asking and is unsure about lead time then she needs to switch to lemon gel because lemon curd has to be handled correctly for the safety of the 200 guests
 question -- is the $100 for one full size one layer sheet cake or for a two layer aka 2 full sheet cakes -- and fwiw the lemon gel means the store and the customer don't have to sweat the refrigeration requirement for lemon curd to be safe to eat
it's a double sheet cake serves nearly 200 --
i would make a board out of thick foam core -- plywood is too heavy for me - lemon curd needs to stay cold right? so you need refrigerator space -- an idea to make it easier to store in the fridge is to make it into a two layer cake
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