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i usually trusted my equipment to be oil free -- code for too lazy to do extra sanitizing --   but a funny story -- working in bakeries is quite different than working from home -- equipment that would have long been discarded from a home kitchen is used year after year in a working bakery -- so i was needing some royal icing and the only available mixing bowl had a generous hole in it but i got it all cleaned up -- and i said, 'what about this big hole' and the chick...
just fill it with icing  -- i always torte my white/yellow tier cakes so i'd just use icing in there -- so it would look like four layers of cake with three layers of icing in between -- no problem --   did she maybe equate 'filling' with higher price? then again some people just do not like filling -- but they still get all the layers for a white cake especially -- i don't care for big wads of uniced/unfilled cake
it's cute as can be already
so i got my vanilla powder -- it says to use it 1:1 meaning one teaspoon of vanilla extract is equal to one teaspoon of powder -- it also says, i tasted a dot of it and it was a pale vanilla flavor -- maltodextrin is listed first so there's more of that than the vanilla -- maltodextrin is a starch that can be sweet to flavorless -- obviously they needed a vehicle for the vanilla powder -- it will be cool on my fudge and those no bake oatmeal cookies -- it's to be shaken on...
wow that's really nice misscutecupcakes!   yes needs a board of course as misscutecupcakes says -- make sure the bottom of it is level --   an idea for extra safety -- i think i would melt 1-3 holes in the bottom of it and insert bamboo skewers all the way down and into the bottom board --i would place them angled out slightly narrower at the top and wider toward the bottom -- i'd probably just use buttercream to adhere the two tiers to each other --
oh that's really cool! i like it -- makes a lot of sense for sure -- i especially like the 'can be stored frozen' part --   brava to the author and thanks for sharing
what kind of chocolate covering? what is the top tier sitting on? how tall is it? have you made a tier cake before?
i assemble the tiers meaning I torte and fill then freeze uniced -- for a Saturday delivery I would final ice the frozen cakes including fondanting on thursday then store in fridge sliding them in & out to decorate-- no my fondant is not ruined
one pound of sugar is two cups yes?   when i use two and a quarter cups of sugar i'm using 4 cups of butter and 9 egg whites   1# of sugar 2# of butter and 9 whites give or take    and 3 tablespoons of vanilla   there's a ton of different recipes -- mine has twice as much butter i think
it would transport like any two tier cake - yes? are you doweling the bottom tier? i have my cakes well chilled for delivery -- especially for pick-ups -- and advise the client to bring a roll of paper towels or something to level the seat to set the cake on -- tell them to drive like there's a raw egg rolling around on the dashboard --
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