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still waiting, lol
I've never heard back from Cake Central Magazine. When the refund was offered last winter when the cancelled the print form, I requested it.  I only received one issue of the magazine. I have sent reasonable emails and never even got a reply. I even pm'ed Heath (who said he'd look into it for me) and nothing ever happened.  I still want to say that I am very thankful for CC and all that it taught me, but it irritates me the lack of customer service.  I don't know why...
I never got my refund although I cancelled last february.  It just really bothers me that no one will respond t0 the emails.  I am pretty sure I'll NEVER see it, but it would be nice to have them at least reply to an email.  
I get irritated when they post the new digital downloads that are available!  I still never got a refund.  or a response.
I just don't understand why they even bothered to offer the refund when they aren't giving them.   I supposed I would have at least LOOKED at the online magazine if there was no offer of a refund! now I don't get either.  If they just took the time to apologize and tell me I wasnt getting refund I'd get over it.  But it irritates me that they don't even respond.  Disappointed.  
I will start by saying that I love cake central and I learned so much from this site. I am very sorry the magazine didn't work out. but why offer a refund on the magazine when you don't intend to give one?? I only received 1 issue. I opted to receive my money back when the email was sent out offering one because I really wanted a paper issue. I have tried sending a few emails asking when the refund would arrive and never was given a response. I think I could let it...
thank you!
that sounds interesting, I'll keep those ideas in mind and give them a try! thanks
I am doing a wedding cake in a couple of weeks that will have the criss crossing ribbons on the sides of the cake. I know I can use royal or piping gel to attach them, but I don't like the idea of it soaking through the ribbon and showing on the the front of the cake and looking splotchy. Any ideas? It will be a fondant square cake if that makes any difference. thanks
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