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I have purchased from this company many times and have always been very pleased with their products.
Cookiecutters - how long does it take to get to the right temperature to put the sticks in once you are ready to start dipping after they have been frozen for a while? I freeze mind for about 5 minutes when I'm going to dip them right away, but have never had any frozen for a while. Thanks!
Can cake pops/cake balls be frozen before coating in chocolate for a while?Also, could they be frozen after being coated in chocolate??
that looks like a picture from a book or magazine....if so, maybe you could go to the book store and look at it...........if that's not the case, it looks to me like it's stenciled on and I think you can do that over buttercream if you're careful, obviously easier on fondant........but it could be done.
jlynnw DO NOT GIVE UP.......I don't know you personally but I may have to come kick your butt if you let this "friend" and I use that word loosly, keep you doing what you obviously have a wonderful talent for and sounds like you have the passion for it as well! I'd say good ridden to the boss and the friend and move on to bigger and better things!!! Good luck to you!
WOW......35 pages..I just found this a while truly amazes me that they are people out there that pull this kind of stuff AND think it's okay to do so...I'm with the others.....KARMA!!! Can't wait to hear what the venue folks have to say. DSEVANS!!! Kudos for your professionalism and sticking to your guns! Way to go!!!
Hi all you PA cake decorators......I am engaged to a man that lives in Mifflinburg, be perfectly honest with you, I don't know exactly where that is, because I presently live in Florida.....we are to be married at the end of April and I will be moving there to join him so if any of you are in that area or if this is close enough so I can be a part of these groups, I would love that!
Oh my goodness, my Grandmothers dish she called Beef & Noodles......she would start with left over pot roast.... I have stood with her countless times trying to memorize that recipe, I have written it down, I have watched every step, but I cannot re-create what she Greandmother is still alive and kicking at 91, her doctors say she'll live at least anouther 20 years, and whenever we get together she loves telling the story of me watching her every move trying...
I would take a credit number and explain that if they become a no-show, or don't cancel with an appropriate amount of time ( which that would be up to you how much notice you want), then they would be charged a fee.....if they show up, they are not charged for the consultation.
I wasn't sure but I went to Baking 411 and this is what they said - You can freeze a Fondant covered cake especially if you want it to keep for long term storage for up to 2 months. However, if it contains creams, custards or other perishable fillings, you can't. If the cake is frozen and it then thaws, do so in its wrappings. That's so condensation will adhere to the wrappers, not the Fondant. But, again make us of an air conditioned room to thaw it in.However, I have...
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