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Well, that's how a threatened dog reacts, right? reach out your hand to show kindness and he'll bite
I think these are perfect solutions...I agree 100%
I appreciate that info SO much....This is the best feedback I've found. I didn't even realize there was a response so I am just now finding out this. Thank YOU again!
I would definitely use buttercream under as well as a border wall but even that didn't stop the red juice from managing to find a way to leak thru. There has to be a better barricade somehow. I think if I cut a shallow gullet/bowl into the layer that this might work. But I need more info like what kinds of fruit will sustain best inside a cake for 2-3 days or whatever else might happen that I am not aware of a fruit filled cake being prone to do .
I am thinking of accepting a request to make a wedding cake for 200 people...with fresh fruit fill. All buttercream. I haven't really had a project like this one before and I don't want to fail miserably. I know I've tried working with strawberries in gel once, years ago, in a small 2 tier cake, but it had 'seeped' so that was the last time. I've done mousse fillings and ganache and buttercream but uncomfortable with the fresh fruit. I'm afraid of it seeping, and the...
Oh. Well, I wondered if I was right about that or not. It's just that I never see that as a discussion on concern on any blogs or posts I've read. It has never came up in a topic in any of my personal discussions. It never seemed to be an issue as far as 'car cakes' and 'candy bar' cakes. Only 'characters'. I guess I'm not surprised really
Now see, there poses another scenario. It's a copyright issue if the cake looks like Sponge Bob or Mickey Mouse etc, in which are likely to be fined...but...if it looks like a name brand candy bar or a 79 Trans Am, we are not likely to get fined.
Huh(?) I've always put my KA beaters in the dishwasher and haven't had any problems. I'm trying to figure out why there would be a different outcome between washing in the sink and the dishwasher. I mean they both use hot water and soap..'cept the dishwasher may be heated, but optional(?)
Personally (besides that thin space in front that could have been easily hidden), I think it's magnificent!
I just made one last night. Just posted the pic! I made a butter cream/cream cheese mixture, then I added a tub of 'Philly' cheese-cake filling ( sold in a large tub, pre-made for cheese cake, it has a very nice shade of color). It made a great color I think. If it's too white for you still yet, you can add a tiny bit bit of yellow color.
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