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Thanks my Dear CC Friends! I knew I could count on you!!!!!
Any ideas on how I can get a sage green color? I was thinking Wilton Icing Colors - Moss Green may be close.Any other suggestions??I am creating a satin pink and sage green wedding cake next month and I was looking into all this stuff now. LOL
I really appreciated learning the kool-aid trick! Thanks for sharing everyone! Lovin' this site!!!!!!!!!!
Shoot fire! I just add a drop of black, it gives the red a real rich color - never had any trouble and I use MMF for EVERYTHING I create! No kidding - a tiny bit of black does wonders. I kid you not!!!!!!!!!
Thank you oh so much!!!
Does anyone know where I can get a pan that is in the shape of a state??? Is there such a thing?
Do I press down on all four sides then trim the edges??Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! Your details in the Dora cake are amazing! What the heck is wrong with katemary???? Oh, I get it...jealous! You did a wonderful job! Don't listen to a jealous bee-otch!!
I have a huge wedding cake that I am creating next week and I need your help:I will be utilizing the SQUARE Magic Line Cake Pans. How do I apply the fondant to keep the edges as sharp as possible? I want it to definitely look like a square, not rounded, ya know what I mean?I must say, I searched the forum for such a topic, as I am sure I am not the first with this question, however, over 37K popped up and I didn't see it right in the subject, what the heck,...
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