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OMG! You guys are killing me!
DianeLM, I laughed so hard when I read this. I think I even experienced a snot bubble or two, by the time I was done laughing. You have a great way of utilizing very few words, yet, making a humorous point. Thanks for the after-midnight chuckle.Sorry I didn't actually comment on the original post, I just happened to be thinking along the lines of DianeLM when she summed it up so eloquently. LOL
Arrrrrghhhhh! I completely know how you feel!!!! I work for the government full-time and try to get as many cakes as I can on the weekends. Frankly, I am tired. But, alas...I live in a small mountain community, of which, cannot support a cake decorator, let alone, a bakery. Sooooooooo, I am stuck in a thankless job, all the while, dreaming of a bakery, some day, when I, too, grow up!! LOL!!!! By the way, I will be 44 in a few months. When you find the answer to...
Totally fabulous idea. Thanks for sharing! I guess that's looks much better and is a lot easier then putting the bag between your knees! LOL!!!!!!!
Hey, Honeydukes, thanks a million! I will check it out right now! I need this stuff by next Friday! Yikesabee!
Is that located in San Diego? I went to their website and didn't see where I could order from.
Help! I usually order the Clear Gold Pixie Dust from Cakes By Sam but they are currently OUT OF STOCK. Description: Size: 5 gram containerGreat for adding a beautiful sparkle to your cakes. These non-toxic colors could be used sprinkled dry, or with Everclear (vodka) on the area it is desired. Make sure that the area has been lightly brushed with water or Everclear before applying color.Keywords: edible dust, eatable glitter, pixie dust, fairy dust, edible glitter,...
Literally, EVERYTHING I see, I ask myself, "How can I recreate that on a cake?" Drives my family crazy! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a GREAT one by Tuggy:
Whooooooooo Hooooooooooo! I knew I could get some great responses and super ideas! I will get all the colors this weekend and will go from there.I will let you know what works for me! LOL!!!!Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day with your family and friends. Thanks for everything.
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