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Thank you everyone for all your help. Here is the link to the cake I just posted: got the ganache' too think but the bride and groom still loved it!!Whooo Hooooo!Okay, now I am off to create another cake that I will post tomorrow. Yikesabee!!Thanks again for being sooooooooooo attentive!!Deb
HELP!!!I am refreshing this topic again as I have a cake due FRIDAY!! Yikesabee!! The wedding cake is a four tiered square cake. The customer wants it covered in white fondant with chocolate ganache on the top of each layer, dripping down the side of the white fondant. I have never used ganache on fondant and was wondering if I should even attempt this???!!!!???!!!Is there another type of chocolate that would give the same effect? The customer has stated that it's not...
What brand do you prefer? What secrets do you have in using an extruder gun?
Has anyone ever used chocolate ganache' on a fondant covered cake?Any secrets you wanna share??Things I need to know??What NOT to do??
Sorry this response is super duper late...I didn't see the question until just now. Doh!!!Sure, use away!
For the cupcake towers (trees) that I put together, I charge $4 per serving but that also includes a 6" or 8" cake on top. I fill all the cupcakes with whatever filling they desire and the cake is custom created with their preferred flavors, too.
I am a huge Debbie Brown fan. Any of her books are great!Course, I am waiting for Tuggy - Bettina of (Betty's Sugar Dreams) to write a book!!! She has been my inspiration here at CC! Love her stuff!Thanks, Tugster!
Wow! Four Years!?!?!?!?! Holy Cake! That's a lot of time invested. The longest it took me to do a cake was 22 (straight through) hours. have learned my lesson - I make things ahead of time NOW! LOL!!!
Another fun cake gift shop is at: it out!!
...Pixie Dust for adding that special sparkle to your cakes?? Also known as Fairy dust. I CAN'T FIND THE "RAINBOW" PIXIE DUST - ANYWHERE!! Every online store I can think of is either out of stock or not selling it anymore. There are a few out there but the colors are way off. I liked the rainbow, clear, gold or silver. This stuff was great for cupcakes or just bringing alive some cake creations. It was like luster dust but a bit more glittery.Does anyone know where I...
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