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I hear ya, regarding the competition. But, it's worth a shot, no!?!?!?! Your work is soooooooo detailed, it's fabulous, Girlie!!!!
I agree, Edna. The CC talent cup runnith over!
I have to say, Edna, I think you could take over the cake world!! You stuff is awesome!! Congrats!!!
Hey, Sugar_Plum_Fairy, long time no see!!!! What about YOU? Did you enter??? That would be awesome blossom!Thank you sooooo much for the confidence booster!!! But, I must admit, when I looked at my fellow CC member's pics, "Holy Cake Crumbs!!" They've got it in the oven!! Seriously though, even though I am kickin' my own butt, I am actually cheering my fellow friends here at CC!! It's about time this group gets recognition! Bake On!!!!Thank again, SPF! I...
Aaahhhhwwwww, thanks Pipe-Dreams! You made me feel a lot better. I like the whole "extreme" idea of it. Me and "pretty" don't always get along! LOL!!! I am better at objects, etc.But, like I said, the other gals got contacted right away. Soooo....I'm thinkin' they want "beautifully extreme," and that's not me.
Well, ho hum! Some of you gals have heard back already and I haven't. Was I crazy to enter? Now I am embarrassed. All that being said...........I would still be incredibly proud to say that I know her from CC!!!
Thank you, Heath, for taking the time to check into it. Whoooo Hooooo! I am soooooo excited. I don't want to get my hopes up but I am incredibly thrilled this opportunity has come up.Thanks again,
It's called Pixie Dust and you can get it at:
Kitagirl, How did you get in contact with a "live" person!?!?!?!
OMG!!! I just applied. Holy Cake Crumbs!!! This is most definitely an opportunity I cannot pass up!Heath, can you tell me where I find out all the rules,regulations and requirements are regarding the show??? Thank you soooooooo much for bringing this special event to our attention. Fingers crossed it will be a CC Member that wins! How awesome would that be??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!Happy Baking,DeborahCakes Unleashed!!
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