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Bummer! I don't have #233 tip. Any other suggestions?
I know this topic must have been covered many, many times. However, I don't have time to do any research. Can you tell me what tip I use to make grass? Plus any other advice you may have would be greatly appreciated!!!
The secret is cutting a base in the bottom cake so that when you apply the top half it sits perfect. Then, apply your fondant over the crumb-coated ball. Instead of trying to roll the fondant all the way around the ball, just trim the edges up to where you cut the base. Then you can easily move the cake and it looks as if the whole thing is covered. Take a look at my Eyeball Cake. It worked out pretty good.[/img]
That is soooooo awesome. Keep up the good work. Pretty soon we will be seeing your success story on Food Network, Recipe For Success. Congrats!!
How long does it usually take MMF to dry? I am making items that must be dried a certain shape. Also, is it better to color with luster dust before it is dry or after? Finally, if you wish to get a "painted" look with luster dust, is it true you add lemon juice?[/quote]
If you are using Fondant of MMF, you can use Silver Luster Dust and it is fabulous! I also add a bit to buttercream and although it no longer looks silver.
I am making a 50th Wedding Anniversary Tiered Cake where I am utilizing the diamond pattern on the sides of the fondant covered layers. I will be applying edible pearls at each diamond point in the pattern. How do I get the edible pearls to stay in place on the fondant? Do I pipe a tiny dot of buttercream in each diamond point to ensure that the pearl with stay in place? See....I am rambling....I need help! LOL!!!(wannabe) CakeDiva
Nanni ~ I think that is a great idea! I am going to pre-measure my ingredients now! What a quick and easy way to keep things in order and the kitchen clean too!
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