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As always, Patti - You are such a fabulous friend! I lubbins' you to pieces. Thank you for all the encouragement. I actually feel really bad that I said anything, at all. I should have kept my insecurities to myself as I didn't mean to ruffle feathers. Love you, Girlie.
Thank you so very much for this message. I DO FEEL BETTER NOW. One thing I want you all to know is that I have the utmost respect for Courtney Clark (an obvious argument to this fact is that I was asking her for advice) and I would never want her to have any ill feelings towards how hard this hit me. I truly believe she is one of the best pastry artists around and she deserves all the recognition she has gotten through hard work and diligent efforts. In no way, shape...
Well! I just had my bubble busted and confidence deflated. I was chatting with Courtney Clark on My Space, (you may recognize her from Food Network's Cake Challenges, including the most recent Last Cake Standing series), and I was asking advice (just incase there was a chance I would get picked for the contest).She informed me that she was competing, as well. What? Come again??? Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. My reason...
Edna, Edna, Edna...........No! Say it isn't so!!!! I am incredibly saddened by, not only the fact that you've been ill (that sucks!), but that you would stress over a competition that you would be perfect for. You are gorgeous beyond belief, insanely artistic and creative and your personality shines, you would be perfect on tv. I really hope you change your mind. You are awesome and the world needs to see this fact!Get well soon! Many well wishes being sent your way.Deb
Hey, Todolomio, I am WAY (WEIGH) LOL! overweight and I sent it in anyway! Just think of it this way, you will feel better standing next to me! Bwaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaa!!!! Come on.....give it a shot! Besides, who trusts a skinny baker!?!!?!?!?! LOL!!!
Okay, sooooooooo.....I created a video. OMG!!! I borrowed a camera, didn't know how to use it so it's full of idiotic jabber as I never figured out how to delete, cut and erase. Doh!!!! Anywho, I am just wondering......................when did I get so fat!?!?!? Wow!! I am starting a MAJOR diet NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good luck to all my CC friends!Deb
SweatPea --- I lurve, lurve, lurve your cakes! Come on...give it a try!
Well, here's my Casting Call link: Please vote, if you feel so inclined.I wish everyone here at CC the best of baking luck!!!Happy Cake Crumb Trails!Deb
You are a hoot!!! I think you should be the one on TV!!!!
Sharon, you are hilarious!!! I totally got a visual of what you were describing. I wanna play!! Thanks for the incredibly fun vision and for making me LMAO!!!!
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