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Deadline is May 18, 2009email:
Whoo Hooo! If anything, it would be great for us to finally meet!!! That would be awesome!
Thank you! After the little upset I caused, I was thinking I was the only one DYING TO KNOW.I appreciate your comment, I feel much better now.Courtney Clark informed me that she and other FN people are going to be on the pilot, so I hope they are using the big FN Star names to get everyone's attention, then let the "undiscovered" talent compete in the series.Let's keep our fingers crossed. slfjdsojfwoeruwoerhweo = My Fingers Crossed! Bwaaahhahaahahaaaa!!!!!
Well??? Anyone filming yet?Suddenly, all is quiet.........LOL
Lurve, lurve, lurve this idea! I hope you know I will steal it! LOL!!!!Love the changes on the horse, as well! You are a busy bee!
I use royal or cookie icing on my boards and that works much better for me, especially in hot weather.
Here are a couple of cakes I created for sport enthusiasts - I hope it helps!
Thank you for understanding my rant. LOL
Once again, I am sorry to have alarmed, pissed-off and/or scared people from participating.......I was just a bit surprised, and all.Thank you for understanding...
This is all based on this forum. Read the first entry on page 1 by Heath.Good Luck!!
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