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Will do, Girlie!!!
Whoo Hoo! Just what I wanted to hear! Thanks!!!
Other views of wood finishes I've created by using that technique:
White fondant designed to look like a wood floor then concentrated icing coloring (brown) mixed with vodka to create a stain. Brush onto detailed white fondant to create a laquered wooden floor design. See the attached photos of what I have done.
Here's what I ended up purchasing: will let you know what I prefer.......soon.
Here's what I ended up purchasing:
Awesome! I found them under Giant Boba Tea Straws. Kewl!! Thanks!!!!Now...........what are the pro's vs. con's!?!?!?
Thank you, Creative Chika! I will look for those. Thanks!
.......those large cake straws that I see the professional's using on tv all the time???? I've looked under "cake straws", to no avail.What are the pro's and con's of using the cake straws?
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