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Hey, I have all those products and don't look like that!!! LOL!!!!!!!
Not to change the subject, but......Lisa - I wanna look like you!!!!!!!!!!! You are gorgeous, by the way.
I have learned that if you secure parchment paper onto the surface you are rolling out your fondant, it will not stick, so there is no need for corn starch or confectioner's sugar. You can just roll it out and picking it up is easier, too!!!!
Okay, it looks like KimAZ and Sweeterbug have come through for me. I gave contact information for both individuals and Sterling will be contacting them shortly.You all have been so supportive and GREAT! Thanks for all your help! I love what we have here at CC. It pays to have a great network!Ciao',Deb
Are you kidding? Your stuff is Da Bomb!! However, she did say that any train would do. How about that??
Still looking for one of you Phoenix decorators that may be interested in this cake order.Puhleeeeeeeeze...the woman will pay good money for a train cake. Let me know!!
I received the following email today but I will not ship cakes out of state (I reside in CA). Anyone interested?Here is the email:Hi, thanks for the quick response. The cake is for my son's 4th birthday, December 1st, it is going to be at our home in Phoenix and it will probably be for about 10-12 people. If it could look like Thomas the tank engine it would be wonderful but honestly, any train would do for him. Thank you so much for your time. Sterling.I have...
Wow! Great resources! Thanks CC Gang!!!!!
Hey, great question! Thanks for bringing this up.I am curious as to where you can buy ANY type of edible image.
I completely agree with you CarolAnn! Let's go!! LOL!!
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