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I just made a USS NIMITZ cake with an aircraft carrier deck. I used fondant with a lot of tylose powder to make it hard. I let it sit over night and it was very firm the next night.Here's the photo. (Please Note: It was a FREE cake so I didn't add as many details as I normally would for a paying customer! LOL!!!)
OMG!! That's hilarious!!!! Thanks for sharing! I think I may have to use that sometime! You made my day!
Thanks, Girlie!!!!! I appreciate the sentiment! down the page to see my cake serving chart
I swear by tylose powder. It's da bomb!!!
What I usually do is let it sit there for a few minutes - then lift it.Or, I use cooking oil spray and spray my surface, roll the fondant, use the cutter then pick it up - it won't stick to the surface.
If you can find a place that sells Tylose Powder, you can add a little bit to the fondant. Or, a clear gellatin packet will work, as well.Good luck!
Duff @ Charm City Cakes requires a minimum of $1000 on all of their cakes. Wouldn't that be nice?!??!?!?
I got an email from Frank --- Never heard of Kelly, she may do things differently.
Well, even though we didn't make it this season, I am actually relieved to KNOW. The waiting was awful. I turned down cake orders because I didn't know if I'd be doing the show or not. Soooooooooooo, it's good to be able to take cake orders and GET ON WITH MY LIFE! LOLLet's hope there TRULY IS a Season II and perhaps we can say, "See you soon!?!!?"Thanks for being here, gang! Don't know what I'd have done without you CC friends.
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