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Hi, I have one of those myself. I've been using it to decorate my cakes before it finally purchased the professional turntable. i've had no problem with it, i think it is definitely worth the money. I find being able to tilt the cake makes it much easier decorating the sides of the cake. Its very sturdy, however i wouldn't use it for tiered wedding cakes though (the reason i purchased the professional one). But its good.
When you use Perma Ice you also have to use the paste colors specifically for the perma ice, you can't use the edible paste colors for perma ice. Just thought i'll add that bit. I usually use royal icing when i ice dummy cakes, i have one posted on this site.
The luster and petals dusts that I use is non-toxic, which doesn't contain all that stuff, and is safe to consume. I tried it with some gumpaste and royal icing flowers. My children ate a few and they are still alive!! lol. I purchased them at
I've heard of Perma Ice, but never tried it. I've been using royal icing on my dummy cakes and they have lasted pretty good, as long as they are kept out of sunlight and protected from dust. I have a picture of it in my album it's a stacked square dummy with pink decorations.
I find the list so helpful, myself being computer illiterate it really is a godsend, thank for doing that. would like to ESBC to the list which is extra special buttercream. I posted the recipe on this site
Welcome to all the new cake enthusiasts, looking forward to seeing all the pictures. Good luck Brinarae on your Course III
Thanks Joe for the web location.
Thanks Joe for sharing, where did you get that info?. I heard the same story on the Food Network, when they did a special on the secret life of Wedding cakes. They showed where the bread (cake) was litterally broken over the brides head.
You can also use it on the side of a cake to give it a different look. I also have Wilton's cake sculptor which is fantastic. It has individual combs of different shapes that fit into plastic type handle and you could mix and match the pieces to make some stunning designs.NesmarI used a cake comb on this chocolate cake
Another tip for level cakes would be to bake them at different temperatures. An example. Start baking the cake at 250 degrees F for the first 15 minutes. Then for 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Finally reduce the temperature to 300 degrees F until cake is done. This method of baking guarantees a level cake with no dome. It's best to use a kitchen timer when doing this for accuracy.
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