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I was obssessed when I first started doing cakes. I took the Wilton classes but after that I would make up a batch of white buttercream and sit at the table and practice piping on my glass cutting board. I also went out and bought a small box of fondant and would play with it like it was playdough. I'd roll it out and cover the back of greased pans then peal it off and try ribbon roses, or cutting it with cookie cutters or molding animals. It cost about $5 and when it got...
Thanks for the replies. Their coming first thing in the morning so I'm planning on trying out a few different tried and true recipes to see the difference. The neighbors are going to think I've jumped the gun for Christmas
My husband and I ordered new appliances this weekend and my new oven is convection. My sister loves hers but doesn't know why and she's not a big baker any way. I was just wondering what the difference was and if there are any hints or tips I might need to know to make the adjustment. Thanks in advance.
I don't have any pictures at the moment. I was in such a fluster I forgot my camera. But my SIL promised she'd find one for me. I can honestly say I'm glad we're approaching Pie and Cookie season because I'm definately caked out for a bit.
Sorry I never got back to thank you for your reply. I still haven't quiete recovered from all that cake consuming my house. It went pretty good. I used the grass tip and drug my comb across the top where the tractor "had plowed". I thought it looked pretty good and so did the others who saw it. The bride was a bit catatonic (as most seem to be) so it was hard to read herAny way I don't think I'll be doing many Weddings....too much stress. Thanks again
So I'm doing my first ever wedding cake this week, six tiers all covered in mmf. Lots of work to do on top of my normal day to day. Aside from this monster I also need to make a groomscake. The bride gave me a John Deere tractor toy to go on top and wants it to look like a wheat field. It's going to be a 10" square, carrot cake and I plan on using cream cheese decorators icing, but I need ideas for the field. The simpler the better as I'm already feeling a bit...
I made a WASC cake into a jack o lantern this time last year, in my bundt pan. I used the recipe off this site, held up really nice. You could thin down some BC and drizzle it. Not sure if that was the answer you were looking for but if not at least you got a bump.
Usually it says under the pan where you order it, in the actual magazine. For the most part I've found they all run about 12 servings, the ones I've looked up anyway.
I jumped in on this question once a few months back this is what we were told then.
Finally - proof. I have a good friend who is a big time germaphobe. I mean she lives with that antibacterial lotion stuff attatched to her hip along with a bottle of bleach. Her family is always sick. ALWAYS. I keep telling her their immune systems are getting lazy. Thanks for posting the link I'm going to send it to her.
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