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Well sounds like Sqaure is the way to go once I upgrade my phone. Thanks for all the information.
Thanks for the information.
That was what I was thinking as I have not upgraded my phone to a smart phone for apps. Thanks.
I will be doing my first farmer market this spring/summer and I was wondering if you offer payment for products by credit card and if so how do you process the sale. Or do you only allow for cash payment only. Any information would be helpful, thanks.
You can purchase Mcvitie online for $3.89 from Jungle Jims International Market, just look under Online Shopping under International Products. Don't know how much shipping costs are but that is where I get mine.
WS sales are normally 4 times per year based on the seasons. And during the entire time I worked there (3 years) I never once saw a coupon.
Thanks for the info
I'm staying at the Fairfield Inn By Marriott. Any other suggestions of good places to eat?
I will be in Lousiville this weekend and was wondering if there are any really good bakeries or cake shop that I should visit. I will be staying in the downtown area, anyone got any suggestions?
Congratulations, that is great news!
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