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yep, probably use a knife, something sharper any way than a toothpick to score deep lines. Then the door way striking out
I don't see $235 per slice. Surely it must be a mistake. I'm so undercharging. I must copy the paragraph in answer to how much does a cake cost? I get that all the time. My answer is similar "The price depends on how many servings you want, the decorations you want on you cake ..."
I bought an airbrush off ebay, I tried to fit in with the specs of Edna's airbrush and it is working fantastically. I wanted to buy something cheaper to play around with and practice so that as my skills improve then I will invest in a better one. So far this on is doing everything I need it to do. I airbrush outside in my patio, it's all covered and protected from the elements but outside where I can clean up with a hose and if there's a bit of colour left somewhere...
I love Peacocks, they are beautiful. I hope I get the chance one day to make one. If for no one else then I'll have to do it for my birthday.
I found another one, this is very similar to the picture from Panel7124
Some amazing cakes, I usually take elements from a few different cake and blend them together to create something new.
Edna de la Cruz has a cream cheese frosting on her website, I'm sure it would be divine
baby feet imprints, I recently bought silicone moulds on ebay for that purpose other than cutting freehand.
I do have a rectangle a little bigger than yours and have no problem with cake falling apart. I line my can tin with baking paper. the brand of baking tin is chicago metallic. My cakes are very very moist and soft. It is impossible to move them without them being frozen. When they are baked, after cooling slightly in the cake tin, I grab the over hang of baking paper and angle the tin and simply pull on the baking paper and slide the cake onto a cooling rack. The...
I would trust Edna de la Cruz and this is what she has in her store
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