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Somewhere there is a Bride who got a 3 tiered chocolate-kahlua cake with chocolate fudge filling, instead of the white cake with bavarian creme and raspberry fillings she ordered. OH OH.
MicheleH, You could always start a Thread under 'Cake Decorating', just for Wedding Cakes and see how it takes off. You never know, it might catch on.Happy Caking Gloria I
Click on the Highlighted area in jmac3333's post.
Congratulations, just viewed your cupcake photos and have to say, I love them!I may have to get very serious about trying a few of your ideas.My 10 yr old is crazy about CC's.
Okay, 13 yr old DD explained it all to me, but I couldn't repeat her technical lingo if my life depended on it. So in a non-technical nutshell let me see if I can give you a small heads up as to what may have happened.1) You could have resized it to small when uploading to your PC or this Web-site2) Sometimes Pictures can show larger on your PC than they actually are.3) Some Web-sites automatically change the size of photo's when uploaded.I know this is not at all...
Well Emma, all the votes here at CC are in your favor. Your cake is a Winner ! You have a very unique eye for design and color. One day something will click, and we'll all be able to say we knew you when.
Sorry 13 yr old is in school still and she is our photo expert. So I'll bump ya and hope someone else can answer your question.
If it ever were to actually 'go out of business', I know at least 65,816 people who would be real good customers ,and none of them would ever have to worry about not getting a cake order. Edited because I know how to spell
A BIG Texas Welcome from ... Team morningglories.Post away, upload a plenty, and have a lot of fun!
trent, We're not in Houston but if no one responds We know the area well, (lived in Willowbrook & Copperfield). The drive isn't any longer than 2hrs on good traffic days. Keep us in mind if the need arises.Your fellow CCers,Team morningloriesPS. Time travel of course would be a bit more with a 'Cake On Board' sign.
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