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Wow.  I didn't know this existed.  The cake was very very way it could've fit through that hole.... It's a mystery!  But this thought comes closer.
this is the cake.  The building part is an edible image, but the wording and logos are all buttercream on top of buttercream.  they were absolutely smooth.
I just saw a cake that was clearly stenciled, yet there were multiple colors in the design. Not only that, but it was done on buttercream! How did she do this? The colors seemed edge to edge and were perfect. I didn't see any stencil edde lines at all and it was a very large sheet 8 half sheets on one board. I can't find an answer!
I just made a batch of sugar veil for the first time.   I followed the directions perfectly.  When I try to remove the lace from the silicone mat, it just cracks and breaks into little pieces.  :(   How can I save it, or is it too late?  I thought it's supposed to be flexible!!!  It's been less than 12 hrs!   This stuff is too expensive to throw away!
Does anyone know where I might buy a motorized revolving or rotating cake display stand? I don't want it throwing cake around the room...just a nice slow turn! I think it would be awesome for weddings! Any ideas? Can't find a thing online!
Does anyone know where I can purchase a wedding cake stand that rotates? I've searched and am not finding anything but "turntables" for decorating. I'm looking for the showpiece display. Thanks!
I've searched for this issue, but can't find a topic on it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I dip my cake pops, and put them in the holder, the chocolate drips down from the ball and runs down the stick! I try to get as much off as I can but without fail, I have a mess before the Choc sets up. I pre-freeze the balls so its not that. How does everyone make these to look nice? Mine show the wipe marks from the dripping! They take soooo much time! I hate it!
I'm beginning to think that a Styrofoam drum would work...but the bling to cover it is costly. Need to find an acrylic one, but then how to get the bling to stick? Hot glue prevents me from using the drum for something else....hmmm
I need to do a stacked cake with a rhinestone drum separator between the 10" and the 14" tier.1. What size do I use? It is supposed to be smaller than the 10". Do I use a 6 or 8"? I'm thinking 8?2. I'm looking for what to use...can't find a rhinestone separator to purchase but the sheets are pretty expensive. Any suggestions if you've done this before?Thanks!(it's been FOREVER) since I've posted!
I would have to agree with the too many dowels comment. Maybe the fondant was thinner in that area, and the weakened cake was heavy against the side of thinner fondant. Just a guess. Sorry that happened. I hope they weren't too angry. What did you do? Were you able to fix it before the bride saw it?
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