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I have the little Wilton turntable (only stands about 1" off table) and I love it (I actually have 2 of them) - this is a great turntable for all size cakes. I just got a new turntable made by Ateco, it has Ateco 612 stamped on it. I love it - it is about 4" off of the table. This is very sturdy and well-made. My husband bought it for me for my birthday, I think he paid about $69. Hope this helps...
Usually I will add a small shell or tight zig-zag border around the edge of the image in a color to enhance the cake. I don't like the look that it has after the image is "plopped" on the cake either. I will also add dots, squigglys, sprinkles, or other details to the outside of the image just to complete the look.
Hi ... I also only use the #3 or #4 tip for writing. The #1 tip is too thin for writing on the cake, and will leave squiggles and breaks in the lettering. If I have a lot of words to write on a cake, I will take a piece of wax paper or paper towel the same width of the cake to pipe the letters on first, just to be sure of my spacing - it's much easier to practice on something instead of scraping off and starting again.I also only put a small amount of icing in the bag to...
I suggest to the bride to use only buttercream on the cake that she plans to freeze. I have not had good luck freezing bavarian - it has come out sticky and thick
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