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Have you tried royal icing? If it's the same colour as the fondant it would blend in.Also you could make a paste out of the fondant with a little water - this should do the same job - just make sure it's not too runny.I'm in th UK and make sugarglue out of tylos; 1 tsp Tylos, 30 tsp water - leave overnight and it makes an edible glueHTH
Hi I made mine at freewebs.com cost nothing but there is a limit to how many pictures you can post. I also link it to picturetrail.com is also freeHTH
I've just made one and used an edible image over fondant. I don't work with buttercream so am not sure how you would put an image on that. The photo is in my photos.
thanks everyone for your help, I've posted the finished cake in my gallery (birthday cakes).
thanks, I have tried google and yahoo, but am finding it hard. Anyone?
HiI've just been asked to make one of these cakes. I don't really want to do it freehand, so was wondering where I could get an image from to copy to make an edible image. The one I want is the white background with bright coloured logos.TIAJo
I usually knock of 10% for round or shaped cakes as a rough guide. ie 45 portions for square or 45 minus 4.5 portions for round - approx 40 portions.HTHjo
It depends how big your serving are. If it's just so everone gets a slice (ie 1" x 2") approx 75. If it's being served as a desert 2" x 2" portion is the minimum I would do - so more like 35 portions.
fantastic, that's amazing! well done
I use a piece of dry spagetti in my taller models. It is still classed as edible then, and strong enough. hth
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