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or should i even do it if ive never actually sold a cake before. am i getting in over my head??
i have my first order cake!!!!!!!!! i have never had any classes and just started out doing it for family functions and for friends, but i made a cake for my best friend to take for a coworkers bday(using ideas from this site of course!) and now she has 2 coworkers who want to order cakes-1 by saturday and one by fri of next week. my question is.... what are the deminsions of a 1/4 and 1/2 sheet cake. i dont have very many pans, and i have a 9x13 and didnt know how many...
thanks, i was just wondering if there was a list of shipping charges, if the shipping is really cheap ill buy thanks
I am probably a duntz, but i can find the shipping charges for this site.... how do i get a list of shipping costs?.......(you can make fun of me for being an idiot
i think LIPS is a wonderful theme for a party. sounds like lots of fun. When i graduated high school, my mom threw me a party(supervised) that was so much fun. I remember one of the games we played was everyone gets an ice cream popper(really cheap from oriental trading). we went around popping each other and if you got popped you had to kiss the person that popped you... it was fun you could have the girls with their lipstick on and have a prize for the guy and girl that...
thanks evry one. i think ill try the 2 layer but instead of a 12" ill just use a bigger pan. i appreciate the responses!
thanks, but i tried to find it online and came up with nothing. i only have 1 day to make the cake. it was very short notice for a bday party for a friends kid.
what size pan should i use and how large of a cake to feed 30-35 people? Help.
i agree with mjones. i also got married at a courthouse and didnt even have a dress or anything. DH and I are about to get our vows renewed in march for our 5 th wedding anniversary,(so i can have the whole wedding scene). we are on a hugely tight buget and will be doing and making everything myself (including the cake). if any of my family members offer to help me i will definatly appreciate it and let them know how much i appreciated m,otto is if you cant afford...
thanks mendhigurl! i think that is really insightful and i will definatly encourage them to do that. youve solved my problem. lol. thanks so much!!!!!!
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