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no pics yet but i made one yesterday and coated it in chocolate.....very elegant....(got the idea from here)
what kind of moss, like the green kind of moss or peat moss?
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! I am new to all this myself, but i happened upo this site a few months ago, and got "sucked in" lol its so addicitve. The people on this site are so knowledgeable and so caring and will help you with anything. i know that i had never really decorated cakes until i found this site and went crazy making cakes i was so exited. now i am taking a wilton course and had my first order cake last week.. all thanks to cake as far as the recipes...
i love grooms cakes, they are fun. i am doing a superman one for my cousin in december. i have never been to a wedding that didnt have one (or two) i hope you spread the
lol. yah, they give you the sad eyes and you cant resist their slobbery charm, though i keep mine in doggy lockdown(the laundry room) when i make cakes now, maybe i should do that when the kids are coloring too?lol
im from alabama, and find it hard to believe that this is a "southern thang". although after finding out the myth about it, it doesnt surprise me that it originated here. we have lots of "southern tradition" i guess were just
these are hilarious. i know this is off topic but tspeaking of poo. my bassett hound ate a box of crayons and now has multi colored poo... and yes this is the same doofus hound that tripped me to get to my
i read a thread a little while back about someone finding a staple in the cake mix. ive sifted ever since then and yes it does help with the lumps!!!
i just wanted to insert a verse that i thought would be appropriate in this situation. ""i will not offer to the Lord my God services that have cost me nothing" samuel 24:24 i believe that you have done so much for this church, and that you are doing even more now with these cakes. i am sure that even though these people may not appriciate how much you have done and are doing, that God always knows. the church was wrong to ask you to do it for so little,but they dont know...
OMG!!! i was reading this starting with the last page...i saw the clown cake commonts and had to keep reading. i got to the clown cake and actually spewed the water i wsa drinking all over the moniter. thanks for the laugh... i should post my cakes on here.(not quite as bad as the clown though) i think i may have
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