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thought i would throw one in... my friend was wanting to go see the blue angels at the pensecola civic center. i love my friend, but sometimes she is not so bright. she called me very upset because the lady that answered when she called to ask if the air show was indoors or outdoors, laughed at her.she said she needed to know if she needed to bring a blanket and chairs.she got even more upset when i started laughing. i told her to think about how the air show be inside?...
also if there is no homer simpson cake pan.... anyone have an easy homer simson cake idea. i saw the ones on the site and i dont think im talented enough to try any of those
help! i need a homer simpson cake pan. does anyone know where i can find one ive already checked ebay, party city, michaels, amazon and hobby lobby. is there even such a thing?
thanks for the advice, i probably wont do a cake with tires just because so much black would leave a lasting black color in their mouth(lol), but ill probably do something with cars i think. thanks again for the advice.
ok.... my dh and i were taking the car to my fil to have it repaired, our tire needed a new bearing the wheel was wobbly. well it didnt make it. only about 100 yard from the house the tire(the WHOLE tire-rim and all) just fell off. our car jack was broken and two kindly sympathetic teenage neighbor boys came to our rescue. helped us put the tire back on and get it back to the house.... we are broke cause my dh just got laid off and i cant afford to give them money, but...
ive been getting the maintenance message also. what do they expect me to do if i cant get on this site?.... housework? ill be glad when theyre through doing maintenance. lol. i miss you guys.
what is it with all the crazy peaople coming out of the woodwork lately?
by the way--- what are cake balls? lol
OK people keep 'em coming!!!!! im taking notes! lol this is awsome!!
im not a poet but heres my suggestion anyway....1st grade was like preschooland 2nd grade just made me drool3rd grade was kinda coolbut 4th graders rule the school!
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