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when they notice, just tell them it was there on purpose. you meant to do it. its a new trick to ..uhhh... make the cake taste better... yeah thats it....
soooo sorry. hope you feel better!!! im with dordee go ahead and cry.
lol. you guys are awsome i needed a laugh! these are hilarious.
ok thought of one more. you spend an hour and a half reading 14 pages of this thread and you can relate all of them to yourself. (well maybe not the luster dust eyeshadow)
these are awsome/// ok here's mine. - you gag at the thought of eating a wal mart cake. - you dh threatens to dress the children in cake boxes just so you'll sign off cc to give them attention. -you stay up until 4 in the morning reading cc posts knowing you have to be up at 6 (hey i dont want to miss anything!)- you are up until 4 am spending 6-8 hours decorating a cake for your work for no special occasion and you have to be up at 6 am. -youre dh thinks cc is a secret...
awsome!! thank you so much. my son's teacher wanted me to make a cake for easter for the class. i wanted to make 16 little mmf bunnies for the cake(1 per kid) i just didnt want them to go bad, cause i know its gonna take a couple of weeks for me to get them finished. thanks so much i appreciate the quick reply!!!!!
if i make a figure out of mmf, how long can i store it?
no drugs, just very very ditzy. i honestly though cant say thats the stupidest thing she's ever done just one of the funniest ones.
alewis im with you. ill take a dozen each. lol. my dh saw this thread and asked me if i had a cake bf. my only repy was "i wish!". lol.
lol. i tell all my friends about it being addictive. none believe me til its too late. btw, shelbur, ill keep an eye out for your "cake boyfriend". wouldnt mind havin me one of those. lol.
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