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Thanks, Kakeladi.
Starting at the top: 3 4 5 rows of 3 2 This will give you 24 cupcakes The top three and the bottom 2 rows will fit tightly together and be easier to ice, leaving larger gaps in the middle section that will probably require more icing, just try to place them as close together as you can. Here is a video Just try to get a straight line on the edges. Hope this helps, good-luck
How many cupcakes do you require?
I have made candy clay decorations for my granddaughter's birthday cake, the party has been delayed. How do I store them without them becoming to hard or too soft and losing there shape?
Google Princess crown cake, then click images
For some examples, search Cereal bowl  right here on Cake Central. V   The blue bowl one looks like a icing sugar and water glaze was ued.
keep an ice pack beside you and use it to cool down your hands /fingers as needed.
  Teletubbies cake for my Grandson, he turned 2 today .Modeling chocolate Tubbies (plastic scooter, Shh don't tell anyone).
When I made this rainbow cake, I first tried to use crushed berries to colour the batter but the colours were not vibrant enough, so I added americolor gels. I did not put any filling between the layers, just a few dabs of simple syrup. 
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