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I used to have that problem when I started decorating cookies. What I was doing wrong was that I would mix and beat the merengue powder, water, cream of tartar and sugar all at the same time. Now, I beat the powder with the water first let it get foamy and then I add the cream of tartar and sugar. By doing this my colors don't bleed anymore. Hope this helps you out too.
I keep mine in a rack just like kneadacookie. However my rack is half the size. I bought mine at a used kitchen appliance store.
they look like hermit crabs.
What a great idea. I will have to try it out some day.
Thank you so much. I'm going to try it.
I have to decorate some cookies with navy blue frosting, but I'm having trouble making it the right shade. I have tried mixing colors starting off with royal blue and another time with country blue. Anyone out there know how to make navy blue?
I just finished baking 4 batches of NFSC. It turned out to be about 100 cookies. I'm still missing about 60 cookies but I was to tired to continue. I don't know how other people can do so many at a time.
Una amiga del trabajo juega loteria con sus comadres una vez por semana. Me pido que le hiciera unas galletitas con este tema porque van ha tener una comida especial este fin de semana. Bueno aqui esta el resultado. "La Rosa, El Pino, La Sandia, La Rana, El Sol, La Estrella..."
Hola, Soy Diana de Laredo, Texas. Soy nacida en los estados unidos de padres mexicanos. Estoy casada pero no tengo ninos. Mi trabajo es ser maestra de sciencias. Tengo un poco mas de un ano de estar haciendo galletas y me encanta hacerlas en mi tiempo libre.
Thanks for the information. For me, it was a reminder. I have gotten inspiration from them in the past. I have done the poodles and a cake before and you can check them out in my pictures. I'm going to try the crosses for a communion order that I have for next week. Thanks again.
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