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I'm sorry you had a horrible day, but I'm sooo happy it had a good ending. I hope since the officer was nice enough to get you to the store, he/she was also nice enough not to give you a ticket for the tag.
I would say to check your local county licenseing office, as I was told it needed for tax purposes, although not sales tax reasons. I do know that is a simple application to apply for one.
moranda Have some bettercreme, have you ever tried just mixing it with cocoa powder to make a chocolate mousse. Do you have to use extra liquid when you add pudding?
Maybe check the party store for a invitation, I know they have a bunch of Disco style decorations, maybe that will help.
airheadkmt,When I google it it keeps popping up Sherry's cake shop, do you know anything about it?
Does anyone know if there is any place to buy supplies in Pensacola?
All I can say is WOW!!!
Kitagrl, Did you make your cake yet? I would love to see a pic.
Well I didn't get to see your stand and was waiting to would you, if you don't mind, email a pic? Thanks.
Thanks everyone, but I have a question. Does anyone know for certain if clear contact paper is food safe? I remember seeing a debate some time ago about that but never seen the outcome.
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