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The Agbay - any version - is the only leveler worth any $, IMO.
If at all possible (no perishable filling) cakes should settle at room temp.  If you think about it, a well-chilled filling isn't going to move.  If it's going to move, you want that to happen before finishing.  And the cake will eventually come to room temp at the venue.  You want to know what's its going to look like at that point.  Work with the cake at room temp as much as possible, and definitely during the settling process.  But, I never use fillings that are...
for packaging i use a 9 oz cup and lid - upside down.
I only use SPS.  Way easy.
That's not what settling is.   I get all cakes in the freezer if even only overnight.  I thnk it makes them better.
Cake civilians often call flavored things (jam, ganache, curds, etc) fillings, rather than the definition we use - whatever is between the layer of cake that make up a tier.  I always explained to brides and other cake civilians that filling is a product and a location, and I have to stick you cakes together with something.  If you don't want a flavored something in between there, then I'll use buttercream. No miscommunicatin with that explanation, at least in my...
It's not video, but written instructions with pictures are available. just read my signatire line.
^ What Anna said.
That's an old 1980's Wilton classic style.  If you can find any old Wilton books, there will be examples in there..
From my experience with a food truck selling only desserts and having worked a lot of events, festivals, etc.  10% of the attendees will buy dessert.
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