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Ive had that happen when I added veg shortening. I now always keep paramount crystals on hand. Hopefully you'll add some swirls or something to the design?
You need an "escape valve". Small hole at the top that will eventually. Be covered with another tier, or run a thin sharp blade along the bottom edge to break the seal between the cake and board. You may mess up the bottom edge, so you'd need a border or ribbon for that edge.
That is a ridiculously LOW vendor fee for a show drawing that many brides. You're paying 12¢ for a qualified lead. Super cheap.
They can also be used for layered tortes, where you're layering cake, mousse, cake, jam, cake, mousse, etc.Then you refrigerate them until them are very firm, unlatch the sides and slide them out.  
A somewhat bittersweet chocolate would be lush.   But in my world, "too sweet" rarely happens.  Like never.
Never, ever negotiate on price and devalue your work.  Negotiate on quantity if you must, but not to such a small quantity that its not worth turning on the oven.   I'd like to order 12 large decorated cookies. Sure, they're $3 each.  When would you like to pick them up? Oh I can't afford that much?  Can you just make 3? No, the minimum order is 1 doz.  I'm sorry I won't be able to help you, but you should call (insert the name of the most expensive bakery in...
for regular cake boxes, For bigger boxes to hold tiered cakes, your local office supplies store.  Staples, Office Depot, etc.
^^what she said.
That's about 35 servings, so no $60 isn't even $2 per serving. I'm not a sheet cake fan either, but they are easy to serve.  You still have cake, filling, bc, board and box.  It adds up. However, if she'd going to guarantee a cake a month, I could be inclined to give her a break. . .  I must be gettin' soft.
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