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Don't forget the Sunflowers! Lots of of them in the Tuscan hills of Italy. Along with the red poppies!!! Can't wait to see what you finally produce with all of these ideas!
I found this website that has ALL Black cupcake wrappers. This might be a good choice if all else fails. Simply bake the cupcakes in regular liners and then slip them into the black cupcake luck!
Have you seen the new book "Hello Cupcake?" They have ideas on monkey cupcakes as well. But if you are looking for a more 3-D cupcake (vertical), I believe that the same concept can be applied for a monkey as they do for their penguin cupcake. If you do not have the book or can not acquire it they have a website,
Thanks for posting!
Dear Cariage,If you look in my pics, I have cupcakes that look like large flowers titled Chrysanthemums. They do not take long at all and they look very pretty and professional. You can do them in a multitude of colors to catch everyones' eye. I used a tip #104 for the petals and a tip #8 for the center.Good luck and have fun!
Dear Pinklady,If the monkey has to be a sculpture to go on the cake, if you look in my pics, I have one there that is pretty easy to follow on how to make just by looking at the pictures. Let me know if you need any other assistance.Liz
I use vodka!
I have made gluten free cakes with a gluten free pancake mix that I get at my local health food store. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it (don't have any on hand; don't do them that much). But if you can find one in your area's health food store it works really well. I just replace it equals parts flour from the current recipe that I am working with. My clients were very pleased and said it was the best gluten free cake that they had ever eaten. Give it a...
Hey everyone!I have been looking for a product like this for some time.Please advise on where to purchase and on how exactly to use.Much appreciated!Liz
I would love to see these!
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