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I got this monkey cookie cutter, and have no idea how to make it look like a monkey when I decorate it. I need it by tomorrow!!!It looks like he's from the side, since he's only got one leg showing. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
I tried the MMF recipe on here for the first time and LOVED it. It is delicious (I used orange extract to flavor -- yummo!) and easy to work with. I have a huge cookie order coming up and want to cover my cookies w/ MMF. I did find in using it last night, that it was hard to took more kneading and more time than it does to color similar portions of Wilton fondant.My question is there some point in the MMF making process where color can be added to...
I would say now seems like a great time. If people like your work, will pay for your work, and come back for more, PLUS you have the right place to do it...there's no time like the present. Good luck!!I have the first three criteria in line...people like my work, will pay for it, and come back, but I do not have the time/money to put into a commercial kitchen now...I am saving and praying that someday it will happen! Seize the day!
I have a question on this subject, too...the only fondant I've used is Wilton's, which I only use for molding decorations, etc. I think it tastes awful.Anyway, I have a 17 dozen cookie order and I would like to save some time on them, so rather than doing a base coat of royal icing, waiting for it to dry and then doing the details, I'd like to cover them in MMF. Can anyone recommend a GOOD recipe for homemade fondant that tastes good on the cookies and won't disappoint a...
I'm actually using luster dust for the first time today, too. I am making wedding rings for a cake and using silver luster dust. Do I just brush it onto dry fondant or does it need to be wet? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I am doing a wedding cake in July and the couple wants all buttercream. They also like the brush embroidery look in the pattern of the bodice of the wedding dress, which is simple flowers and leaves. So, my question is, can brush embroidery be done on buttercream? I've only done it on fondant.I thought if I let the buttercream crust, smoothed it out (Melvira style, of course) and let it sit overnight, that it might be firm enough to do the embroidery with a really fine...
In a non-cake related story...I am a paralegal and used to work for a criminal law firm. We got a call one day and a kid asked if we could represent him for "underage conception" instead of "underage consumption." My boss (the smart-mouth that he was) said, "Well having a child while your underage isn't a good idea, but it's not a crime..."
You are too funny.At first I thought, "What the heck? What kind of trouble is going to start now..."Then, I read through the post, and I had to laugh. Thanks for making my day.From one "uncopied" cake-decorator to another, I can only hope that someday your pictures are stolen, too!
Someone asked me for a safari cake and I could not draw a giraffe, elephant or I used cookie cutters, and just made their outline on the outside of the cake. It is called Safari Shower and is in my gallery. I also did matching cookies in giraffes, elephants and lions and maybe you could offer something like that...hope this helps
I'm doing a Hawaiian shower and instead of cake, I'm doing individual cupcakes with hibiscus flowers (fondant) on them. I go the idea from Cambo on can see the picture in her gallery. They look beautiful, but simple to make. HTH.
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