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Posts by rsaun's my gross story.   I taught a cake-decorating class and a really stinky lady took the class.  She smelled like old coffee and mega-cigarettes.  I also worked at the same place she did and she smelled at work too.   One day, she came into my office at work to show me a picture of a cake she'd made.  I tried to find the positive points of the cake to be encouraging, and to point out a few changes to improve her final product.  It was a Halloween cake,...
LOL...thanks.  Ohio's a beautiful state.  You should come back!    I've been scouring the laws.  My 12 years paralegal experience is helping.  I am fine...since food not consumed on premises isn't taxable, I don't need the license.  I am working on a storefront business and I know everything's about to change for me, so it's good to check on these things, anyway!
I just got invited to be the only cupcake/cookie vendor at a craft fair in my town.  I am a legally-operating cottage industry working out of my home.  Do I need to get a vendor's license to sell at a craft fair?  Does anyone know?
I love all these answers!!!!  Gives me something to think about!  Thanks!
I never know what to call myself.  If I say "baker" that brings to mind the guy behind the scenes baking everything from pastries to donuts to cakes, and doesn't mention that I am creating art.  If I say "cake decorator" that makes people think I work at Costco with a bag of canned buttercream piping on roses.  Is "cake artist" too prissy sounding?
It's totally fine!  I don't mind...I just followed along feeling amused!  :)  No worries!
Nope...didn't bail.  Just don't have anything to add to the course this now has taken! 
Yeah, me too...and I'm the OP. 
Makes perfect sense and the way I want to handle my business.  I struggle with treating my business as a "business" since I'm still operating out of my home (legally )!  I just want to transition in the RIGHT way right now and start off on the right foot...and that includes NOT being a doormat! 
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