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In my short experience of making cakes, if you leave the cake uniced and uncovered even just over night, they get hard. If you put a thin layer of buttercream icing over the cake it will still be moist for Sunday. However, I would still recomment covering your cake even if you cover each part seperately (unassembled). Place the petal cake on the cake carrier and use a plate for the wonder mold. I would use Saran Wrap directly next to the cake rather than aluminum foil.
One of my best friends got married several years ago and had a cake disaster. She had her cake made by a bakery and before the reception started the cake started to melt and fall. They didn't care, it was something everyone would remember years later.Just remember that the wedding day is about the marriage and the start of a lifetime together and it is not about whether the cake was perfect or not.
I love the idea of a plad shirt cake! That sounds fun!Who ever said that the camo has to clash with a rebel flag? Camo comes in may fasionable colors now. Happy Baking!
I have gotten the same kind of responses from the cakes I have made. I think I have set myself up as the official cake person for my whole family!
I would love to do a cake contest! I have only just begun cake decorating, but I think I have caught the bug big time!
I have just started but the cakes I have made people really seam to love, especially my husband.
Good question! I am also in the Atlanta area looking to do the same.
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