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No these arent the site. The one I am talking about had them listed in alphabetical order. You click on the letter A and every pan that starts with the letter were listed click on the picture of the pan and the instruction sheet would open another window and you could print it out. Thanks for trying.
Hi there, there was a site here where I visited and I could click on the old wilton cake pan and it would give me the picture of the cake pan and the instructions. I lost the site and can't seem to find it. Can someone help me? Do you know what I am talking about?Thanks
Thanks for the tips Doug! I found the ruler and more. ~Anna
Using Powerpoint I didn't use the rulers because couldn't find them so I did with out. I don't think Powerpoint has the rulers. Over all It still worked out. Thanks!~Anna
I am planning to make another one soon. Hey maybe we should all post our Micosoft Publisher/Powerpoint cakes on here. Marthajo let me say, It was well worth it, You are awesome! ~Anna
Thanks Marthajo!The pattern I found online same as the flowers. I was just playing around to get the hang of it. It took me about 2.5 hours to finish it. It was alot of fun.
Thanks to Marthajo!
Here's the link.
Thanks martha for the tutorial! Look what I did.
I did my first cake on Microsoft powerpoint! Thanks Martha for all your hard work on the tutorial.
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