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Depends how big the cake is. People charge based on number of servings. I would say a good starting point would be $2.00 per slice for buttercream, but it would also depend on where you live.
I put fondant covered cakes in the fridge all the time. No box either. Yes, when it comes to room temp. it does form some condensation, but that just gives it a nice shine and takes care of all the excess powdered sugar marks. The shine goes away as the cake sits out, but I actually like the shine. Deepens the colors.
Thanks Leah, that helps. I think I will give them a try.
What is a good brand primarily for comfort? I am on my feet ALL day, and by the end of the day my feet and legs are killing me. I don't mind spending the extra money if they will help. Leah, are Sanitas good for that?
I would think you can as long as it's still a FULL bowl of icing, so as to not beat in extra air.
I used to use royal all the time, but now use Toba's glace. Glace is more translucent, so I always add some whitener to it. That could have something to do with your color difference.I don't think one is harder to pipe than the other, so maybe that is a consistancy issue. Not sure what you mean by that. Harder to control, or push out of the bag?I do think that glace is more loose, but I make one consistancy for all the work, then just use a smaller tip (smaller than I...
I wonder if his fondant is the same as Fondarific, but just with his name on it. Fondarific doesn't dry, and that sounds like what you are dealing with. I do remember from one of his shows Duff talking about using Fondarific. Yes, I have also seen the Satin Ice fondant on the show too.
Do you wrap each cake board, or do you use a foam core board that isn't wrapped. I mean with foil or something.
Thanks for all the help. Not sure I want to use white chocolate in her cake, as it's expensive here, and they are on a tight budget. I'll keep that in mind for future orders though.I never thought of just adding more powdered sugar. Maybe I can just sub the cream cheese for my butter in my basic bc recipe, and see how that works. My normal cream cheese frosting is so soft, and I just couldn't see it holding up under all those tiers.
Thanks. I'll check out her recipe.
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