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This first is not my picture....I got it from is hpjmom.But....this just happened to me 1 min ago......I couldn't fix it either...Thank goodness it was a freebee cake (for my puppy's groomer)But......I iced the cake last problem...i should of looked today..But didn't until right before she came...I do not freeze my cakes and I don't use that new 'no trans fat' shortning...HELP!!!! Anyone seen this? How do I prevent this...This is the 3th time it has...
WHEW!! Thank you so much...See I told you i am a computer LOSER!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!
I really miss...looking things up! I personnally have to imgagation..and need you guys!
Hello..I hate to type this and get in trouble. Cause I love this site..>But I have been waiting and waiting..and wondering if it is just me...But everyone know.....I am a computer loser!!!!Please help me...When I need to look up say 'poodle' brings them up in the gallery...then when I hit more photos.....It doesn't bring me to where it did before.....More poodle photos..I Certainly apologize if This question is somewhere before..I tired to...
Congratulations!! Fabulous news!!
Fabulous...Glad to hear it went well...I am so sorry I missed it. Would of loved it. ( I also felt kinda, That I am too much of a beginner for ICES)I hope next time I can go! Is it yearly?I am back to work, so that is POOP! And just got on Days, from doing 2 weeks afternoons. So, I gotta come over there soon...HELLO SHOPPING too!!Have a great week!!
bobwonderbuns....How was your classes last weekend?
I bought mine at a local bulk food store...they carry candy, food etc.
Thank you again!! I appreciate it!
Beautiful job! That is gorgeous!!!!! Love the shine you used!!!
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