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That is so cute...Thanks so much for sharing!!
Hi, I have a wedding coming up and they want all cupcakes....When I seem to decorate cupcakes...the icing always seem to be a bit flat..and isn't a 'Hill' looking....IS it the tip I am using? or do you put some in the middle first then build up from there? I am worried, and confused..>HEHE...Please help me with your suggestions..I can't wait to hear !!! I really appreciate your help...This is simlar as they want them to look.. Thanks so much Nicole
Thank you very much!!! I really appreciate this post and your input ..Thank you!!
tellis12- Do you add anything to your fondant to make it more stiff? Like a gum-tex or anything?? Thanks, I have one coming up too...Thanks, NIcole
Does anyone have a kopykake one?
Thank you!!What about the Kopy Kate brands?
Hello...I believe this weekend, I am off to look for a air brushing machine,Which ones do you recommend please?? You all know your stuff....and I appreciate your input....Also, the America colour ...can that go in any machine?Thanks so much, Nicole
I too....used to be on cakecanada...But got harder to go around that site...and is quiet as well.....I am on Wilton alot too...
Hi Ladies,Phoufer and sweetcravings...I am in laSalle....small world eh?? LOVE That!!!I didn't even think about going to London for supplies..I am born and raised there actually....I actually learned cake decorating from Micheals ...but I actually learned more from on here and Wilton...LOVE to hear about more people in these areas.....Lets keep in touch!!!!
I buy it from INto the oven,I live by Windsor though..and can order to the States and pick up there....I am sure they deliever to us Canadians too...but more $$. But, I find they have great sales every month too.HI Jodi,Sorry didn't notice it was you who wrote this...let me know..I can order you some if you like,....
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