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Does the top tier have to be real cake? I would use a dummy cake and glue the whole thing together
I have an atlas with a motor really worth the money. If you are working close to your kitchen aid the. The k a attachment maybe the way to go I have used one before and it works very well
Silicone moods are about that or more. Elegant molds are very nice and much more reasonable
I use store brand for most of my baking here its either price chopper or shop rite. One thing I have found is that when I make icing I make sure to use all the same brand of butter and vanilla to keep the color consistant. Vanilla I buy by the quart from the local restaurant supply store last time I purchased it cost just under $20 for pure vanilla
Granulated sugar would probably be your best bet
If you lower the amount of cream it will make it thicker. For my peanut butter ganache I just use a standard ganche recipe but instead of chocolate I use reeses peanut butter chips holds nicely and whips up beautifully.too
$5 is just about covering expenses. By the time you figure boxes and boards fondant and that's beforeyou even count the cake ingredients
When I do wired daisies I attach the wire to the center let dry then form the petals and then insert the wire with the center attached
Work in sections if you try to lay a swag of that size in one piece it will be to much to handle. Use your roses to hide any imperfections.
I agree I think this is what most likely happened. I do say the close up pictures of the crown look like. It was well done before the damage occurred
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