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A Southern Belle type hat would be very pretty or a basket of flowers.
I was watching one of the Food Network Challenges and several people were using the canned air to dry the 'glue' for their pieces. Just an idea........
For all trouble you had, it all came together perfectly. I would have just given up and . The fairies are sooo cute!
Thanks! I'll have to give it a shot but without the coconut!
DUH!! Thanks for the link. I've printed it off and hope to try it next week.
I've read other rave reviews on this recipe.....but which section is it under in the recipe section. I want to try this one too but whenever I do a search it just takes me back to the homepage . Thanks for your guidance on this!
I'm looking for a great pineapple cake recipe that would also be suitable for decorating. My stepdad wants one for his 50th bday cake. I've looked at several listed on this site and just don't know which is best for this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
I used the one I found on this site.
Well I decided to cut a little hole in the middle and take a taste . It tasted fine and didn't seem dry. I guess we'll see and I'm sure my DH will be horribly honest and tell me if it's too dry . Guess I'll slow down a little bit next time. Thanks for all your input!
I just made a butter pecan boxed cake and used the extender recipe......except I forgot, in my haste, to add the sour cream or yogurt. Is the cake still going to taste ok? So mad at myself for doing something so stupid. Normally I would get everything out I needed but however, I was in a hurry to gte this baked before my DH got home since it is going to be his surprise bday cake.
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