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I make mine using 2 icing tips. 1 bigger one and one smaller one. Use the big tips "bottom" end of as a cookie cutter to cut out your button. Then use the the smaller tips bigger hole to make the inner circle impression. Then using a small dowel or paint brush end to dot the botton holes.Hope that makes sense.good luck
Ok, so we are soo on the edge of our seats now! we need details!!
I agree with the cake board idea just cut down to size. If you wrap your cookie tight and use your twist tie up high on the stick the baord & cookie won't shift. good luck
I just bought those same molds you used Cakes. I love them too but it took me a few trys to get them just right. here's what I learned1 - fill the bottom design and use a tooth pick to spread out the candy to fill in exactly where you want it - I only use 2-3 slots at a time2 - let set a minute for that to harden slightly3 - then (2nd color) with candy that is not too hot (if it is too hot it melts that first layer and runs together) fill about 3/4 full - tap on counter...
This is what I love about CC, there is always someone out there with a brilliant idea!!Your cake turned out great! and you saved yourself $25+ - gotta love that!
sounds like she needs to sign on to CC to learn a few things
sorry, I am not totally sure how she did it. But couldn't you use a sturdy floral wire and just glue them on?
never seen one, but would be interested to know also if there is one out there
oh, great recipes, thanks
I have only stacked 6" onto 8" cakes but always use cookie sticks. Never a problem. The wooden dowls were impossible for me to cut.
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