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I have bought two different kinds of sifters and I don't like either of them. Does anyone own an electric sifter and if so do you like? Can you sift Powder Sugar? And what kinds is it and where did you get it.Sorry for all the questions but thank you so much for responding!!
I order my online @ w w w (dot) t e n t e a (dot) c o m
this is a great Idea! I usually do plan chocolate with buttercream icing dipped in chocolate. But once I used white cake with icing and carmel coffee creamer and toffee chunks dipped in chocolate. that was good
I like - thanks for sharing
Thank you very much!! =)
Thank you - what do you mean the sugar content will look after any spoilage? Thanks
So I found this great recipe for Chocolate Buttercream but it has milk in it. Doesn't that require it to be refrigerated??
Thank yOu!
thank you
So I have a wedding around christmas and they want a cake decorated with cranberries and pine needles - Does anyone have any ideas?Thanks
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