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So I have a question - for those of you that can get bettercream and have tried these recipe do they taste similar?
great info - thanks
I don't know who mad it but it wouldn't be that hard to make. You can use a ball pan or make the size of cake you need, stack it and then carve it into that shape. Go to a craft store that carry's supplies to make baby dolls and pick up a head, arms, and leggs. Then attach them to the cake and it will look like the poor baby is baked inside the cake.Good luck
Buddy on cake boss always uses a filling with icing or cream or choc. ?? with strawberries. Does anyone know what this is and does anyone have a good recipe to duplicate this. I really just want to try it for my sons birthday.Thanks
[quote="Sox-n-Pats"]Been there done that - children had there own blanket and we traveled four hours last weekend in the cold - its really not that bad.
Thanks for the insight on the black buttercream. =)
Very cool can't wait to see the finished product -
I would say no to someone who wants a cake that I am not comfortable making.
great link - thanks
THank you so much for answering - I have been decorating for 4 years and I think I make very good cakes. I plan on using 6, 8, 10, 12 Chocolate cake with white chocolate ganache filling. I've made gumpaste roses and also plan to do those with a cascade - I was looking onlilne with a friend who is getting married and she fell in love with it. Thank you very much.
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